Corrupt/Money [Unreleased] Lyrics

Xenial Lyrics

Here we go again another tragedy
Another kid as a victim of this brutality
Another pig squealing and getting off for free
Another parent outraged at the lack of the
Stipulations no trials or tribulations they facing staying complacent taking shots cause they facing
Another one of us and so they would bust
Another shot even if we do what they say so they just
Say “Put your hands up”
And we say “Don’t shoot”
Word to Joyner but I don’t think the message is getting through
So what do we do to stop bleeding
So what do we do to stop grieving
Who gonna take action stead of seeing
Everything that’s going on and not reading
In between the lines of the broke generation
Kids worried about going to school cause people packing a tool
Instead of them leading a bright light up to the future
And people crying scared cause their’s is looking gloomier
I wish that all the madness would end sooner
So everybody could live the life they want sooner

Usually I never get a cut check
But recently my pockets have been suspect
You changing everybody
Changing different hobbies
To where people plotting on another death saying “run that”
When I was younger as a kid I ain’t need you
But now that I’m older you would see through
Cause I’m living empty with no food or Bentley they forget me
Cause without any money no one sees you
When I’m older how would I just I get through
When everybody I know tryna press the issue
They struggle with depression
Tryna teach a lesson struggling with multi issues they not ambidextrous so
As I battle how to handle the flow
And battle the inner demons tryna take hold of my soul
I’m just tryna figure out how am I gonna grow
When everybody else tryna act out a show

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