Conversations of a Blunt Rotation Lyrics

Quasimoto Lyrics


I'm Never looking at the daily time
Living life working hard just a daily grind
Lone wolf but I'm one of a kind
Flying through sky's so sublime it's truly fine
No bud as prime as mine
Busting n***as up If they stepping outta line
Hold up
I treat a ho like the ho she is
If she smashed the homie then she burning the spliff
It's kinda
I'm Tryna get rich
Ain't bout a b*t*h so I f**k and I dip
Just Riding the clouds spacing
I'm moving in fast motion but I know it's all patience
No need to hate cause I'm bringing it to the bank n***a
Stay calm and steady and maybe I'll blow some stank with ya
I got it get it
The women can't deny my pimping
Now I'm in it swim in the pu**y then slide out when I'm finished
The one and only ain't f**kin with these gibrronis
Leave a women cold and lonely
Im'a dog Im'a dog
Hopefully I'll be the one to pa** it on when I fall
Two phones I turned em off so don't call
Calm like a bomb
My nerves on thin line so I'm picking these n***as off
But I don't mean no harm times two


Don't take it likely, I'm busting these rhymers Gladice Nightly,
Hands off my mic G I'm smacking you stupid only slightly
Come off politely, but in my top im thinking slyly
Dr. Wily to these types, chaos is brought highly
Bring the destruction, like I bring a gloc round the clock
Don't care who flock you speak a lot you getting popped
Better bet, disrespect, cla**es getting dropped
Rock em on the discrete, like you're was rocking crocs
Slew a crews choose to lose, make em bruise blues
Snooze ya lose dudes, don't get it confused, La rules
F**k trues, pulling all these b*t*hes wearing trucker shoes,
Royal how I move, Emperor with the Groves
Ugh, now its back to the daily schedule
Bring it back killing tracks stepping up my rapper level
Tears whispering from a devil when I hit em with my bezel
Catching bodies like a Simpson, six n***as maybe several
Phelps with the metals, arsenal of a ninja turtle
F**king pricks, Ima make his appendix external
Internal dispersal I open up his sternal
Said, Thanks a lot colonel, now back to the herbal circle

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