Circles (Bonus Track) Lyrics

Xenial Lyrics

I went from running round the city to running inside my head
Question if I got what it takes to make it in the end
Cause I see all of these rappers that went up and made up a brand
But it kinda tastes sour looking at what happened then
Selling out for a deal
All to make a meal
With all the money in they pocket they ain't happy still
So I question what’s the worth
How much net captured and gained
Is all the admiration worth all the time that you gave
I member back in the day when I was told it's a phase
And now I’m looking at everything that I work for at this stage
I got a whole lot of fans from Atlanta to Spain
Even if they don’t follow my media that’s okay
Cause I know that they listen
I’m knowing they wishing
To meet me one day on a stage and spit a written
Say what’s up shake they hand
Some fangirling in stands
And I'm just chilling and saying what the f**k happened oh man

I’ve been going in circles
To keep myself hopeful
Wait for the one day to say I made it
I follow my own rules
Did what they say don’t do
And look at the picture that I painted

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