Check ’Em Lyrics

504 Boyz Lyrics

Who dat call the police
Yo ma called the police
I got five on the lips
But I ain't payin for the a**
You just got yo hair fixed
So can you pump a n***a gas
Now when you ridin in my truck can you pick a n***a d**k
I got a boonapolist so can you be my trick
C-Murder called you hoes like some f**kin crash dummies
It ain't love when the motherf**king sex cost money
I ain't dissin you hoes
I just don't love you hoes
In yo raggedy a** Girbauds
When you swangin on them poles
Now if you trippin then you know you livin trife
And if you dippin I can't put you in my life
Cause all hoes suck d**k
Let me tell you dog hoes you f**kin with
See i don't play no games and i don't sweat no hoes
Well b*t*h take off your clothes
Talk that sh*t now roll with it
Ya warefare check hoe go get it

Check dem hoes
Check dem n***as

Check dem hoes n***a is you crazy
You can stunt all you want but that sh*t don't phase me
in front yo boys like you made me n***a
I hold my own ????????
Reppin like you gon shine
N***a you is a waste of time
Gettin that ho to step to me
I gets down for mine
Me and my girls we don't play no games
F**k you lames
When you walkin on side of me
I'm bringin you pain
You can talk that sh*t about suck yo d**k
Get a grip
Broke b*t*h you ain't the sh*t
You know who you f**kin wit
Drop a baby for you
N***a you must be sick
Got no time for the lies all n***as is tricks

Who dat call the police
Yo ma called the police
Who dat call the police
Yo pa call the police
Dem hoes call the police
Dem n***as call the police
Check dem hoes
Check dem n***as
Talk that sh*t now roll wit it
Yo warefare check ho go get it

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