Chase A check Lyrics

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She told me pull up and I could come get it my n***a no strings attached you know how we rocking we barely be talkin but we got the Jays to match, if she got a problem you get out of pocket my shooters gone glaze the net, but I know

I don't want no smoke but I like a hookah and I put that s*** on the set/ I stay in designer a n***a stay fly like I'm about to take off on a jet/ she told me be careful I her I got it these n***** is never a threat, and she knows ima rider so that pu**y getting wеt wet/ I got my foot on neck, what you expеct I'm bout to get me a check/ I can't get caught with a b*t*h, that's on my dawg/ and lil doggy be fresh, if dat lil b*t*h acting up I don't a f**k cuz she know on to the next/ I ran my money way up I can't even Flex a n**** financially blessed/ my att**ude so nonchalant I swear I'm the best so why would I settle for less/ I put my b*t*h to tha test, tellpher I'm short watch her come up with the rest/ know you can't tell me a lie, wanna know why cuz I keep it real with myself/ I had to get the f*** out of the kitchen, I'm too hot but send my regards to the chef

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