Chapter Nine: The Waterbending Scroll

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Chapter Nine: The Waterbending Scroll By Avatar: The Last Airbender

Act I

Sokka: Would you sit down? If we hit a bump you’ll go flying off! What’s bugging you anyway?
Aang: It’s what Avatar Roku said. I’m supposed to master all four elements before that comet arrives.
Sokka: Well, let’s see, you’ve pretty much mastered airbending and that only took you 112 years… I’m sure you can master three more elements by next summer.
Aang : I haven’t even started waterbending and we’re still weeks away from the North Pole! What am I gonna do!?

Katara: Calm down. It’s going to be okay. If you want, I can try and teach you some of the stuff I know.
Aang: You’d do that?

Katara: We’ll need to find a good source of water first.
Sokka: Maybe we can find a puddle for you to splash in.

Sokka: Nice puddle.

Aang: Yehhh! Don’t start without me, boy!
Katara: Remember the reason we’re here.

Aang: Oh right, time to practice waterbending.

Sokka: Great. So what am I supposed to do?
Aang: You could… clean the gunk out of Appa’s toes?

Sokka: So, while you guys are playing in the water, I’m supposed to be hard at work picking the mud out of a giant bison’s feet?
Aang : Mud and bugs!
Sokka : Okay.

Zuko: Someone’s changing our course!

Zuko: What’s the meaning of this mutiny? No one told you to change course!

Iroh: Actually, someone did. I assure you it is a matter of utmost importance, Prince Zuko.
Zuko: Is it something to do with the Avatar?
Iroh: Even more urgent. It seems… I’ve lost my lotus tile.

Zuko: Lotus tile?
Iroh: For my Pai Sho game. Most people think the lotus tile insignificant, but it is essential for the unusual strategy that I employ.
Zuko : You’ve changed our course for a stupid lotus tile?
Iroh: See, you, like most people, underestimate its value. Just give me ten minutes to check the merchants at this port of call. Hopefully they’ll have the lotus tile in stock and I can get on with my life!

Iroh: I’m lucky to have such an understanding nephew.

Sokka: Yeh, don’t get too happy. You gotta do me next.

Katara: This is a pretty basic move, but it still took me months to perfect, so don’t be frustrated if you don’t get it right away. Just push and pull the water like this…

Katara: The key is getting the wrist movement right.
Aang : Like this?
Katara: That’s almost right, if you keep practicing, I’m sure eventually –
Aang: Hey, I’m bending it already!

Katara: Wow, I can’t believe you got that so quickly. It took me two months to learn that move.
Aang: Well, you had to figure it out on your own. I’m lucky enough to have a great teacher.
Katara: Thanks.

Aang: So, what’s next.
Katara: This is a more difficult move. I call it “streaming the water.”

Katara: It’s harder than it looks so don’t be disappointed if…

Katara: Nice work, though the over-the-head flare was unnecessary.
Aang: Sorry. Well, don’t stop now, keep’em coming!
Katara: Well, I kinda know this one other move, but it’s pretty hard. I haven’t even totally figured it out yet. The idea is to create a big, powerful wave…

Aang: So, like this?

Sokka: Aang!

Aang: Looks like I got the hang of that move! What else ya got?
Katara : That’s enough practicing for today.
Sokka: Yeh, I’ll say! You just practiced our supplies down the river!
Aang: Uhhh… sorry. I’m sure we can find somewhere to replace all this stuff.
Sokka : Ugh, it was hard enough when you were just an airbender.

Sokka: We’ve got exactly three copper pieces left from the money that King Bumi gave us. Let’s spend it wisely.
Aang: Uhh, make that two copper pieces, Sokka. I couldn’t say no to this whistle!

Sokka: It doesn’t even work. See, even Momo thinks it’s a piece of junk.
Katara: No offense, Aang, but I’ll hold the money from now on.

Pirate Barker: Earth Nation! Fire Nation! Water Nation! So long as bargains are your inclination, you’re welcome here! Don’t be shy, come one by!

Pirate Barker: Oh! You there! I can see by your clothing that you’re world traveling types. Perhaps I can interest you in some exotic curios?

Aang: Sure! What are curios?
Pirate Barker : I’m not entirely sure, but we got’em!

Pirate Captain: I’ve never seen such a fine specimen of lemur. That beast would fetch me a hefty sum, if you’d be interested in bartering.

Aang : Momo’s not for sale.

Katara: Look at this, Aang! It’s a waterbending scroll. Check out these crazy moves!
Aang : Where did you get a waterbending scroll?

Pirate Captain: Let’s just say I got it up north at a most reasonable price. Free!

Sokka: Waaait a minute…sea-loving traders…with suspiciously acquired merchandise…and pet reptile birds…You guys are pirates!
Pirate Barker : We prefer to think of ourselves as high risk traders.

Katara: So, how much for the, uh, “traded” scroll?
Pirate Captain: I’ve already got a buyer, a nobleman in the Earth Kingdom. Unless, of course, you kids have 200 gold pieces on ya right now?

Aang: I know how to deal with these guys, Katara, pirates love to haggle. . Watch and learn. Aang walks over the Pirate Captain.) What say to the price of… one copper piece!

Pirate Captain: Hahaha! The price is 200 gold pieces. I don’t haggle on items this rare.
Aang: Okay – two copper pieces!
Pirate Captain: It’s not as amusing the second time, boy.
Katara: Aang, can we get out of here, I feel like we’re getting weird looks.
Aang : Aye, we be castin’ off now!

Aang: What was that all about, Katara.
Sokka: Yeh, I was just starting to browse through their boomerang collection.
Katara : I’ll just feel a lot better once we get away from here.

Pirate Barker: Hey you, get back here!

Aang: Well, well, look who’s come to their senses. Told ya the haggling would pay off.

Act II

(The show returns to the face off. The pirates crowd around the kids, yelling things like, “There they are!”, “Get’em!” and “Nobody’s goin’ nowhere!”

Katara: I…I don’t think these pirates are here to trade with us!

Random Pirate: Get back here!

Pirate Barker: This way! Let’s cut’em off!

Cabbage Merchant: My cabbages! This place is worse than Omashu!

Random Pirate: I hope that lemur of yours has nine lives!

Pirate Barker : Now, who gets to take the steel of my blade first?
Aang: No thanks!

Aang: Hold on tight!
Katara: Aang, I thought we were running away from the pirates!
Aang: Just hang on!

Aang: I used to kinda look up to pirates, but those guys are terrible.
Katara : I know, that’s why I took – this!

Aang: No way.
Katara: Isn’t it great?
Sokka : No wonder they were trying to hack us up. You stole their waterbending scroll.
Katara : I prefer to think of it as “high-risk trading.”
Aang : Haha! Good one, Katara.
Katara: Sokka, where do you think they got it? They stole it from a waterbender.
Sokka: It doesn’t matter. You put all of our lives in danger just so you could learn some stupid, fancy splashes!
Katara: These are real waterbending forms. You know how crucial it is for Aang to learn waterbending.
Sokka : Whatever.
Aang: Well, what’s done is done. We have it. We might as well learn from it.

Iroh: I’ve checked all the shops on this pier. Not a lotus tile in the entire marketplace.
Zuko : It’s good to know this trip was a complete waste of time for everyone!
Iroh: Quite the contrary. I always say the only thing better than finding something you were looking for, is finding something you weren’t looking for at a great bargain!

Zuko: You bought a sumki horn?
Iroh: For music night on the ship. Now, if we only had some woodwinds.

Iroh: This place looks promising!

Iroh: Ooo! That is handsome! Wouldn’t it look magnificent in the galley?

Pirate Barker: We lost the Water Tribe girl and the little bald monk she was traveling with.
Zuko : This monk, did he have an arrow on his head?

Katara: I just want to try this one move first and then it’s all yours.

Katara: “The single water whip”… looks doable.

Katara: What’s so funny?
Sokka: I’m sorry, but you deserve that. You’ve been duped. She’s only interested in teaching herself.
Katara : Aang will get his turn once I figure out the water whip!

Katara : Why can’t I get this stupid move!
Aang : You’ll get it.

Aang: You just gotta shift your weight through the stances… There. See, the key to bending is…
Katara : Will you PLEASE shut your air hole! Believe it or not, your infinite wisdom gets a little old sometimes. Why don’t we just throw the scroll away since you’re so naturally gifted! What?

Katara : Omigosh, Aang, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what came over me. But, you know what, it won’t happen again. Here, this is yours. I don’t want to have anything to do with it anymore.
Aang: It’s okay, Katara

Sokka: What about Momo? He’s the real victim here.
Katara : I’m sorry Momo.
Sokka : And… what about me? There was that time you –
Katara : No more apologies!

Pirate Captain: Shouldn’t we stop to search the woods?
Zuko: We don’t need to stop. They stole a waterbending scroll, right?
Pirate Captain: Uh huh.
Zuko: Then they’ll be on the water.

Katara : Shh! Momo, go back to sleep.

Katara : Shoot! Come on water, work with me here!

Katara: Okay, Katara, shift your weight through the stances……ugh!

Katara: No, let go of me!

Zuko: I’ll save you from the pirates.


Zuko: Tell me where he is and I won’t hurt you or your brother.
Katara: Go jump in the river!
Zuko : Try to understand, I need to capture to restore something I’ve lost. My honor. Perhaps in exchange I can restore something you’ve lost.

Katara: My mother’s necklace! How did you get that?
Zuko: I didn’t steal it, if that’s what you’re wondering. Tell me where he is.
Katara: No!
Pirate Captain : Enough of this necklace garbage. You promised the scroll!
Zuko : I wonder how much money this is worth? . A lot, apparently. Now you help me find what I want, you’ll get this back and everyone goes home happy. Search the woods for the boy and meet back here.
Pirate Captain : Fine.

Sokka: Huh? Where did she go? I don’t believe it.
Aang : What’s wrong.
Sokka: She took the scroll! She’s obsessed with that thing. It’s just a matter of time before she gets us all in deep –

Random Pirate: I got him, come on!
Sokka: Oh, what? I’m not good enough to kidnap?

Zuko: Nice work.
Katara: Aang, this is all my fault.
Aang: No, Katara it isn’t.
Iroh: Yeh, it kind of is.

Zuko: Give me the boy.
Pirate Captain: You give us the scroll.
Sokka: You’re really gonna hand over the Avatar for a stupid piece of parchment!?
Zuko : Don’t listen to him! He’s trying to turn us against each other.
Pirate Captain : Your friend is the Avatar?
Sokka : Sure is, and I’ll bet he’ll fetch a lot more on the black market then that fancy scroll.
Zuko: Shut your mouth, you water tribe peasant!
Aang : Yeh, Sokka, you really should shut your mouth…
Sokka : I’m just sayin’, it’s bad business sense. Just imagine how much the Fire Lord would pay for the Avatar. You guys would be set for life!

Pirate Captain: Keep the scroll! We can buy a hundred with the reward we will get for the kid.

Zuko: You’ll regret breaking a deal with me!

Katara : Thanks, Momo. I owe you a bushel of apples.

Sokka: Aang, are you there?

Aang: I’m over here, follow my voice!
Sokka : Where? I can’t find you!
Aang: I’m right here!

Aang: Uhh, never mind! I’ll find you!

Aang: Run!

Aang: Katara! You’re okay!
Katara: Help me get this boat back in the water so we can get out of here!

Sokka: We need a team of rhinos to budge this ship.
Aang: A team of rhinos… or two waterbenders.

Katara: Everybody in!

Iroh: Are you so busy fighting you cannot see your own ship has set sail?
Zuko: We have no time for your proverbs, Uncle!
Iroh : It’s no proverb.

Pirate Captain: Bleeding hog-monkeys!
Zuko: Haha!

Zuko: Hey! That’s my boat!
Iroh : Maybe it should be a proverb.
Zuko : Come on, Uncle!

Aang: Sokka! Can’t you make it go any faster?


Sokka: I don’t know how. This thing wasn’t made by the water tribe.

Aang: Hey, you did the water whip!
Katara: I couldn’t have done it without your help!

Sokka: Will you two quit congratulating each other and help me out!

Pirate Barker: That’s good!

Katara : Aang, look!

Aang: Oh, no!

Sokka : Have you lost your mind!? This is no time for flute practice!

Katara: We can stop the boat! Aang, together, push and pull the water!

Katara: It’s working! It’s slowing down!

Katara: We’re doing it!
Sokka : But we have another problem!

Aang: I knew a bison whistle would come in handy. Thanks, Appa.
Sokka: Yeh, we owe ya one.

Zuko: My boat!
Iroh : Hehe, Prince Zuko, you’re really going to get a kick out of this. The missing lotus tile was in my sleeve the whole time!

Katara: Aang, I still owe you an apology. You were just so good at waterbending without really trying. I got so competitive that I put us all in danger. I’m sorry.
Aang: That’s okay, Katara.
Katara: Besides, who needs that stupid scroll anyway.

Sokka: Is that really how you feel?
Katara: The scroll!

Sokka: First, what did you learn?
Katara: Stealing is wrong. Unless it’s from pirates!
Aang: Haha! Good one, Katara.

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