Chapter Fifteen: The Tales of Ba Sing Se

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Chapter Fifteen: The Tales of Ba Sing Se By Avatar: The Last Airbender

The Tale of Toph and Katara
Written by: Joann Estoesta and Lisa Wahlander

Katara: Huh! Toph, aren’t you gonna to get ready for the day?

Toph: I’m ready.
Katara: You’re not gonna wash up? You’ve got a little dirt on your… everywhere actually.
Toph: You call it dirt. I call it a healthy coating of earth.
Katara: Hmmm. You know what we need? A girl’s day out!
Toph: Do I have to?
Katara: It’ll be fun.

Toph: The Fancy Lady Day Spa? Sounds like my kinda place.
Katara: Are you ready for some serious pampering?
Toph: Sure Katara, whatever you say. As long as they don’t touch my feet.

Toph: Arrrr! Rrrrr! Errrr!

Toph and Katara: Hahaha!

(Shot fades into a pile of rocks in the sauna that Toph and Katara now occupy. Toph kicks the ground once causing a rock from the cold pile to fly onto the pile of hot rocks. Katara, using waterbending, slashes the hot rocks with some water creating steam. They both sigh.

Fade into Toph walking down the streets of Ba Sing Se with the front of her hair, which usually hangs to cover her forehead, now combed back behind her ears and her face now with lots of make-up.)

Toph: Well, that wasn’t so bad. I’m not usually into that stuff, but I actually feel… girly.
Katara: I’m glad, it’s about time we did something fun together.

1st Mean Girl: Wow, great makeup.
Toph: Thanks.
1st Mean Girl: For a clown!

Katara: Don’t listen to them, let’s just keep walking.
Star: I think she looks cute. Like that time we put that sweater on your pet poodle monkey.
3rd Mean Girl: Good one, Star!
Katara: Let’s go Toph.
Toph: No, no. That was a good one! “Like your poodle-monkey”… Ha ha! You know what else is a good one?

Girls: Ahhh!
Katara: Now that was funny.

Katara: Those girls don’t know what they’re talking about.
Toph: It’s ok. One of the good things about being blind is I don’t have to waste my time worrying about appearances. I don’t care what I look like. I’m not looking for anyone’s approval. I know who I am.
Katara: That’s what I really admire about you, Toph. You’re so strong and confident and self assured. And I know it doesn’t matter, but… you’re really pretty.
Toph: I am?
Katara: Yeah. You are.

Toph: I’d return the compliment, but I have no idea what you look like.
Toph: Thank you, Katara.
Katara: Ow!

The Tale of Iroh
Written by: Andrew Huebner

Merchant: If this is for a romantic picnic, may I suggest this lavender one?
Iroh: No, it is not a romantic picnic, but it is a special occasion. The moonflower likes partial shade.

Child: Wahh!
Woman: Shhh. It’s ok. Shhh.

Leaves from the vine, falling so slow.
Like fragile, tiny shells,
Drifting in the foam.
Little soldier boy, come marching home.
Brave soldier boy, comes marching home.

Iroh: Yeowch!
Child: Hahaha!

Angry Man: Hey!

Iroh: It is usually best to admit mistakes when they occur, and to seek to restore honor-

Angry Man: When I am through with you kids, the window won’t be the only thing that’s broken!

Iroh: -but not this time. Run!

Mugger: You. Give me all your money!

Iroh: What are you doing?
Mugger: I’m mugging you!
Iroh: With that stance?
Mugger: Wha- What are you talking about? Just give me your money, old man!
Iroh: With a poor stance you are unbalanced, and you can be easily knocked over.


Mugger: Ugh!

Iroh: With a solid stance, you are a much more serious threat. Much better! But to tell you the truth, you do not look like the criminal type.
Mugger: I know. I’m… I’m just confused.

Mugger: So you really think I could be a good masseur?

Iroh: Of course!
Mugger: This is so great! No one has ever believed in me.
Iroh: While it is always best to believe in one’s self, a little help from others can be a great blessing.

Iroh: Happy Birthday my son. If only I could have helped you.
Leaves from the vine, falling so slow.
Like fragile, tiny shells,
Drifting in the foam.
Little soldier boy, come marching home.
Brave soldier boy, comes marching home.

“In Honor Of Mako”

The Tale of Aang
Written by: Gary Scheppke

Aang: Hey there, fella. You look hungry. Ahh!

Zookeeper: Hm! They are hungry. The Dai Li won’t give me any money because the kids stopped coming. And the kids won’t come because my zoo’s nasty and broke.
Aang: What kind of animal is that?
Zookeeper: Oh, that’s rabbiroo. I wish I could get her a big open prairie like she likes. I’d let her hop her way to happiness.
Aang: Let’s do it!
Zookeeper: Say again?
Aang: There’s a big open space right outside the walls of the city.
Zookeeper: But how are you gonna transport all these wild critters?
Aang: Don’t worry. I’m great with animals.

Cabbage Merchant: MY CABB– –oh, forget it!

Aang: This was so much easier in my head!

(Getting an idea, Aang snaps his finger and reaches into his shirt to pull out his bison whistle. He flips the whistle into the air and, using airbending, inhales a great amount of air. Then, catching the whistle, he blows into it with huge force. The whistle squeals louder and higher than usual, as the shot pull back to show a shockwave of sorts emitting from where Aang is and through the city as the whistle’s sound spreads. Shot cuts to the monkey-like creatures from earlier, one with a pot over its head still, which hear the sound and run off. The dragon flies, who apparently found new people to terrorize, hear it and abandon their targets to investigate. The rabbiroo, still devouring cabbages as the Cabbage Merchant sobs in the background, leaves the cart as she hears the whistle as well.

Shot cuts to Aang riding his air scooter down a street blowing the bison whistle. Cut to an ally where we see Aang fly by on the main street, a large stampede of creatures follow him, with a very slow turtle seal bringing up the rear. Shot cuts to the zookeeper talking with two guards at the wall.)

Zookeeper: But you have to open this gate!
Guard 1: Or what?
Zookeeper: Or that!

Guard 2: Open the gate!

(Shot pulls back to show the massive wall of Ba Sing Se opening to allow Aang through. As Aang reaches the opening, he stops blowing the whistle and jumps off his scooter and onto his glider. The creatures plow through the opening as he soars up and over the wall. On the other side, the creatures are shown coming out of the opening and starting to spread out as the run in all directions. Cut to shot that shows Aang soar down behind the running animals and onto his air scooter again. As he rides, he punches the ground causing a large wall of earth to rise as he rides in a large circle creating a pen to block the fleeing animals. Once he finishes, he jumps off his scooter and lands in the center of the pen he just made. He earthbends again, causing a square portion of the ground to descend and create a small pit. He turns around and brings his arms up high to cause a large pillar of earth to rise, then turns and punches outward which, when the shot pulls back, shows him making more walls to separate the animals.

Shot cuts to show, apparently after Aang had finished, a large area of rock walls and pens all situated like a zoo made from Aang’s earthbending. Shot cuts to show the guards and the zookeeper entering, all looking amazed at what Aang just did. A group of kids, all laughing and smiling, push past them and run in. Shot cuts to show the entirety of Aang’s new zoo as people move around the newly formed pens and examine the animals. Shot cuts to show the rabbiroo drinking from a pond then looking up at one of the guests as three infant rabbiroo poke up from its pouch. Cut to Aang speaking with the zookeeper beside one of the pens.)

Aang: Well, Mr. Zookeeper, how do you like your new facilities?
Zookeeper: Excellent job, Avatar. You should think about working with animals for a living.

Child visitor: Mommy, Ms. Snowflake got out of the house again.
Adult Visitor: Fluffykins What are you doing down there?

Zookeeper: On second thought, you should probably stick to saving people.

The Tale of Sokka
Written by: Lauren Macmullan

Sokka: What’s this?

Student on stage: Through all the long night, winter moon glows with bright love, sleet her silver tears.
Sokka: Ahh, poetry.

Students: Oooh!

Sokka: I am so sorry. Something struck me in the rear. I just… wound up… here?

Madame Macmu-Ling: Five seven then five, syllables mark a Haiku, remarkable oaf.
Sokka: They call me Sokka, that is in the Water Tribe, I am not an oaf.

Madame Macmu-Ling: Chittering monkey, in the spring he climbs treetops, and thinks himself tall.
Students: Ooooh.
Sokka: You think you’re so smart, with your fancy little words, this is not so hard.
Students: Ooooh!
Madame Macmu-Ling: Whole seasons are spent mastering the form, the style, none calls it easy!
Sokka: I calls it easy! Like I paddle my canoe, I’ll paddle yours too!
Madame Macmu-Ling: There’s nuts and there’s fruits, in fall the clinging plumb drops, always to be squashed.

Sokka: Squish-squash, sling that slang. I’m always right back at ya, like my… boomerang!

Sokka: That’s right I’m Sokka, it’s pronounced with an “okka”, young ladies, I rocked ya!

Security: Uh, that’s one too many syllables there, bub.

Sokka: …poetry.

The Tale of Zuko
Written by: Andrew Huebner

Zuko: Uncle, we have a problem. One of the customers is on to us. Don’t look now, but there is a girl over there at the corner table. She knows we’re Fire Nation. Didn’t I say don’t look!
Iroh: You’re right Zuko. I’ve seen that girl in here quite a lot. Seems to me she has quite a little crush on you.
Zuko: What?!
Jin: Thank you for the tea. What’s your name?
Zuko: My name’s Lee. My Uncle and I just moved here.
Jin: Hi Lee, my name is Jin. Thank you and, well, I was wondering if you would like to go out sometime?
Iroh: He’d love to!
Jin: Great! I will meet you in front of the shop at sundown.

(Jin walks away, leaving Zuko standing bewildered as his uncle throws an arm around his shoulders with a large, goofy grin on his face again.

Fade into an exterior shot of the shop again, only at nighttime now. The door opens as Zuko steps out into the street. He is wearing a very handsome green outfit, a contrast to his typical brown every-day clothing. Though the most startling and humorous change in his appearance is that his hair, which is usually shaggy and unkempt, has been combed and parted. He walks out into the middle of the street and looks around as Jin emerges from around the side of the shop and approaches him.)

Jin: Hey. Well, look at you. You look so cute!
Zuko: It took my Uncle ten minutes to do my hair.

Jin: So, how do you like the city so far?
Zuko: It’s ok.
Jin: What do you like to do for fun?
Zuko: Nothing.
Waiter: Excuse me sir. Would you and your girlfriend care for dessert?
Zuko: She is not my girlfriend!

Zuko: You have… quite an appetite for a girl.
Jin: Um, thanks So, Lee, where were you and your Uncle living before you came here?
Zuko: Um, well, we’ve been traveling around for a long time.
Jin: Oh! Why were you traveling so much?
Zuko: We were uh, apart of this traveling circus.
Jin: Really? What did you do? Wait, lemme guess, you juggled!

Zuko: Yes. I juggled.
Jin: I’ve always wanted to learn how to juggle. Can you show me something?

Zuko: Whoah! I haven’t practiced for awhile.
Jin: It’s alright. Hey, I want to show you one of my favorite places in the city.

Jin: I’m so excited for you to see the firelight fountain. The lamps make the water sparkle and reflect in the pool in the most beautiful way.

Jin: I can’t believe it! They aren’t lit.

Zuko: Close your eyes and don’t peek.

Zuko: Ok. Now you can look.
Jin: Oh wow… What happened? How did they light? What did you…?

Zuko: I brought you something. It’s a coupon for a free cup of tea.
Jin: Lee, this is so sweet.
Zuko: Don’t thank me. It was my Uncle’s idea. He thinks you’re our most valuable customer.
Jin: Your Uncle is a good teacher. I have something for you too. Now it’s your turn to close your eyes.

Jin: What’s wrong?
Zuko: It’s complicated. I have to go.

Iroh: How was your night, Prince Zuko?

Zuko: It was nice.

The Tale of Momo
Written by: Justin Ridge and Giancarlo Volpe

(This dialog-free tale opens with a shot of a tree, similar to the giant one seen in The Swamp, towering high above the clouds. Suddenly, Appa flies up through the clouds and over to the tree. A new shot shows many fruits hanging from what appear to be vines on the tree. Appa hovers underneath these and Momo is seen perched upon the buffalo’s head. Momo flies up and begins eating some fruit and tosses some down to Appa who chews them passively. As Momo continues to chew on one of the fruits, Appa suddenly gives a very great roar.

The screen flashes white and the shot cuts to Momo asleep on the windowsill of the Avatar’s house. Startled by the thunder that woke him from his dream, Momo leaps up into Sokka’s green Earth Kingdom bag that is hanging nearby. After a bit, he pokes his head up and realizes he has a bunch of white fur lying on his head that does not belong to him. After sniffing it a bit, the screen flashes white into a shot of Appa and Momo flying to indicate this is what Momo is thinking of at that second. With another roar of Appa’s, the screen flashes white again and back to the real world as Momo chatters as he registers whom the fur belongs to.

The camera then pulls back to a shot from the lawn of the Avatar’s house with Momo visible through the window. A shadow crosses the ground that looks very similar to Appa’s shadow. Cut back to Momo as he wraps the wad of fur around one of his front legs and takes flight. He soars out the window of the house and into the yard to investigate if this shadow does indeed belong to his lost friend. But, alas, as he emerges from a tree he flew up into, he realizes that the shadow is merely being cast by a cloud. He holds his arm up and looks at the fur tied to it sadly, but then chatters a bit as he notices something new. Off in the distance, just on the other side of a roof, is what appears to be the top of the flying bison he is looking for. But when Momo flies closer, he finds out it was only a tree with white leaves and branches sticking out that looked similar to Appa’s horns. Momo lands on one of these branches and his ears drop low in disappointment that he has once again failed to find his friend.

Fade into a shot of a street in the city as Momo soars down into it. He lands on a water barrel that has no lid and begins to drink from it. As he does, his wagging tail accidentally knocks over a stick sitting nearby. It falls to the ground with a loud thud that alerts three pygmy panthers who were rummaging in the garbage nearby. The panthers growl at Momo and suddenly pounce on him. Momo manages to dodge this in time and run into a box with an opening big enough for him but not enough for the panthers. The three predators surround the box and growl, two of them clawing in the openings to try and catch the lemur. Momo manages to slip out of an open crack in the back of the box and soar away. The panthers, however, are in hot pursuit. Chasing him by running on rooftops, one of them manages to swat him clean out of the air. After hitting the ground, Momo gets to his feet and runs on foot into a ground of people. The panthers do not follow their pray into the crowd.

Momo is then picked up by a man within this crowd and has a green little hat stringed to his head. He’s tossed into an opening in the circle of the people where two monkeys are already dancing to the beat of a drummer in the background. After standing for a moment, Momo dances along too in a very strange and silly dance as a faster, livelier version of his theme music plays. The crowd all cheer and clap for the dance, but the panthers are stalking just outside the perimeter of people, looking in between the legs at their prey. One of the monkeys jumps onto Momo’s head and balances with its hand, the other then doing the same on his head, and Momo struggles to keep balance.

The panthers growl and finally make their move, all of them leaping into the circle with a roar. Momo flees again, but this time as he tries to fly away, one of them grabs him round the middle and is taken for the ride, which slows him down in the flight. The other two panthers jump on and all four creatures crash into the ground. When the dust clears, Momo is seen pinned to the ground by one of his pursuers while the other two stand ready to strike their catch. However, before they can, a net flies in, captures all four of them, and drags them off.

A new shot shows an animal catcher placing Momo into a cage and locking it by placing a peg in to prevent the doors from opening. As the cart begins to move away, Momo rubs the clump of Appa fur still tied to his arm against his face possibly fearing he’ll never see his friend again. Fade into a scene at what appears to be some sort of butcher, the cart as been pulled up next to the building. A view from Momo’s perspective in the cage shows the animal catcher and the butcher arguing, though since this is from Momo’s standpoint, the dialog is herd as gibberish. Another shot shows that occupying the cage next to him are the three pygmy panther scratching at their cage and crying out. Momo utilizes his opposable thumbs by reaching through the bars and removing the peg that holds his cage shut. As he pushes the cage open and begins to run away, he stops and looks back. The pygmy panthers are all staring at him sadly from their cage, realizing their fate rests with him. Momo leaps back onto the cart and begins to remove the peg to free them, just as the two men begin to approach. But when the men reach the cart, they find both cages deserted as right behind them, Momo and the panthers make their escape on the rooftops.

Fade into a scene on the roofs of the city, as Momo and his three new friends sit and watch the clouds. One of the panthers is rubbing up against Momo in a loving fashion; all three apparently very aware and very grateful for what Momo just did for them. Suddenly, one of the panthers uses its mouth to remove the wad of Appa’s fur from Momo’s arm. The panther with the fur then runs off and Momo, chattering loudly, follows as well as the other two panthers. The panthers lead Momo through the streets of Ba Sing Se till finally one of them places the wad of fur down inside a hole in the ground. Momo lands in the hole as the panther runs off. He looks at this strange hole and realizes immediately that it is actually a footprint made by none other than the Appa, the very bison Momo has been desperately trying to find. Chattering softly, Momo lays down on the ground holding the wad of fur. The camera pulls back to show the panthers sitting nearby watching as the rain begins to fall on Momo, lying in the only signature of his long lost friend. Fade to white.)

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