Caught Up (Outro) Lyrics

Xenial Lyrics

I start to realize that people are quick to test your life/
Nobody there when you black but quick to come to light/
And the people I think would support just leave stage right/
So now I’m here on my own with my thoughts and mic gripped tight/
People thinking it’s simple to make up a syllable thinking they running it now/
Nobody really be down/
That’s why the lack of support always running around/
The f**k a race be like?/
I’m tryna grab this mic/
And choke it by the chord/
To make my lyrics come alight/
So in spite of everything that I’ve done this year/
Taken by paranoia dreams that always turned to fears/
I’ve come to realize/
The hardest workers go through tears/
And overcome all the obstacles so I switch my gears/
I’m revved up but fed up at the same time/
Cause people my age start to quit when they behind the line/
They never go through with they plans or ideology’s/
Man that would bother me never copped a whip but this pa**ion always driving me/
I'm going through motions honestly/
I’m tryna be the bomb in this game/
No fatalities/
I’m caught up/
Tryna get my squad up/
But I keep my guard up/
Cause not everybody round is a friend/
That’s how I’m brought up/
Shoutout my father & mother for keeping me here/
I could’ve lost my way a while ago but they keep me near/
But anyway, I forgot what I'd say/
Why are people who can’t rap always called the rappers?/
And ones who can get overlooked like we switching chapters?/
When did kids start to listen going brain dead?/
Where’s the IV?/
They clearly high, see they on meds/
I guess that’s all they would talk about/
And preaching it to the youth on every single sound/
And no one cares about the lyrics they gone turn up wow/
And only listen for a beat stead of connecting it now/
I'm caught up/

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