Carpe Omnius (Take It All) Lyrics

Quintihilator Lyrics

The world ain’t all sunshine or rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place and I don’t care how tough you are; It will beat you to your knees and will keep you there permanently if you let it. You, or nobody will hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, how much you can take, and keep moving forward…
That’s how winning is done!
Verse 1
The world ain’t sunshine or rainbows
It has a lot of pain though
It blasts you up with the past
Over and over again though
You just have to keep fighting
Never ever stop writing
Even if you’re filled with spite
Take that fright and build up the might
And take that night
And shine the darkness with the light
And now we fight
So we takе another moment
Take anothеr puff of Flovent
While I’m gasping and grasping my breath
And im asking the question in depth
I’m pa**ing and laughing this to death
When will I ever stop snapping and rapping nonsense
Fall in a trap and just collapse with this lack of practice in a broad sense
Trying to grasp this tactic while they distract us with facts and a new concept

Verse 2
Now we just sit back and relax
While we take the past
And span it out so vast
And we can make it last
Until our voice turns rasp
And we blast right back
Into a relapse
And we’re all tied up by the straps
Now were all busted and capped
From the sudden trap
Where we missed the gap
And got lost on the map
And now we recap
As well perhaps
The scraps of the past
And the raps I will cast
On this weathered stage
While we suffer through this rage
While we buffer through our age and get rougher gambling our wage
And rambling the page
As we wither old in this cage
And scramble while were cold and insane
And we go against the grain
While you blame your shame
On something you abstain
And your reign will contain a bloody stain
That you will never wash in vain
And I will inspire the fire in your brain
Rewire all your prior pain
Retire all the acid rain
Quintihilate your plain
Of Existence
Now I will never stop my persistence
Until all the pain as stopped and the resistance
That’s how winning is done
Verse 3
That’s how winning is done
It’s suppose to be long, it’s not suppose to be fun
It’s suppose to take you on a run
So long that in the end that you’ll feel dumb
And your legs feel numb
You spend out all of your funds and
You so feel hungry that you’ll run another mile for that last crumb
Of money
And it’s funny when you think about that
You work so hard and never relax
F**k that let’s jam to this drum beat
And lets slam until you compete
Just take it all
And Never mistake the fall
As weakness
Cause in the end, my thesis
Will read
That I am beast
And I will succeed
Or in the very least
I will proceed
With My wild style indeed
My prying childish need
Filled with bile, hate and greed
Will finally be freed
Verse 4
Just take it all now
Don’t stop and ask how
Never stop
Let it all drop
From your brain
Release the pain
Don’t go insane
Let it all stop to a single thought
And wonder how we got all caught
Up in our ways
Lost in a phase
We go today
Then we blame
Everyone and ourselves
Now I must put this last thought up on our shelves
Get lost in the different realms
And finally wield the iron helm
Before I’m over whelmed
Then I get old and then cannot tell
How bold life can be
You can fold, or can play it free
End up cold or become the best of me
Have it all sold out while you can see
The rose out crowd storms loud
As their pa**ion roars downtown
And form out the best flows out there
And I will sit and ask
Are you dead behind that mask
Or are you blasted up with stacks
So far gone, you don’t where to start past

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