Canada Goose Lyrics

#TJ Mani Lyrics

Fresh out the botanica
Smelling like rose and canela
Still got the cannon, I'll put it out and I'll blam on ya
Pick of your plumage and put it up in the Canada Goose
You n***as soft, you little n***as ain't man enough
Uh, you n***as must have forgot
I'm a little shiesty Harlem b*t*h
I'm straight from the block
Set a n***a up, rob him his chain and his gwap
N***as, when the cats away, the meeces'll plot
I'm a mermaid, b*t*h, you're just a beach bum
N***as sucking d**k for a deal and a chain
But I ride 'til I die, they bustin b*** for some fame
All that black power money spent on white n***as names
Little Italy, mobsters eatin' pizza
I'll shoot 'em to the left, I'm leanin' like the tower Pisa
Real spiritual b*t*h, but I'll get it evil with it
Clairvoyant, I can clearly see your next move
You's a b*t*h n***a, I know how a b*t*h move
Watch him runnin' down the block when that stick boom
You be working with the cops with your little goons
Now you on the f**king front news
N***a you ain't wild, you a little f**king Looney Tune
You a pawn, eat you early in a chess game
And I'm queen, I ain't leaving 'til it's checkmate
And the check made, n***a give me check paid
Get them checks, n***a, you a wreck n***a
Little b*t*hes ain't build for the scrimmage b*t*hes
Y'all ain't rappin', y'all ain't graphic', ya'll ain't clappin'
I done "ride 'til I died" and I've risen from flames
Pretty eyes, pretty thighs, lil' chocolate frame
I fit the work in the Jeep and they drive it to Maine
Baking pies everyday like I'm Miss Sarah Jane
Betty Crock with the pot
Put ya sholder to shame
Makin' moves on the block, makin' moves in the game
Got a dude in the mountains with some billlionaire change
F**k what you saying, f**k what they heard, f**k what you heard
Your n***a's a bird, these b*t*hes is birds
Yes it's the word, yeah that's my word
Don't let me catch you lackin'
Don't let me catch you lackin'
When I wake up from this cat nap
I'mma f**k you n***as up

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