Call it a Night Lyrics

808x Lyrics

We come alive in the night
Piece on me shine in the night
Lucy she call on my line
But I'm tryna call it a night
We come alive in the night
She only mine for the night
Demons they call on my
But I’m tryna call it a night

Need about 24k on my ice tray
They put a price on my psyche, uh
I put this d**k on your wifey, uh
I got the feeling she like me, uh
Cheque on me, Nike, uh
Down for whatever she might be
I know the xannyman got me, uh
I dare somebody come stop me, uh


Lil baby on me
That K. Naomi
She in my section singing Members Only
Y'all can't be talking from the sideline
That go for anybody hating on me
All a sudden now they say they know me
All a sudden I’m the one now
All a sudden now she lay it on me
Pop another 'fore I touchdown
She got me on me on my Future Sex Love Sound
That pu**y cry me a river
F**k on that thotty for dinner
Designer no Tommy Hilfiger
Painkillerpapi that n***a
Painkillerpapi that n***a
Say she wan' gimme that work, whoa
I let grind on my zipper
I cannot catch any Z's
I need Off-White on my feet
Gas on me strawberry diesel
I took a jet overseas
F**k on my ex on the weekend
808x on that beat
I tell that f**k n***a please
That b*t*h she selling you dreams
Plenty more fish in the sea
But I got my Nina no Sister Betina, uh
Call her whenever I need her uh
I took a pill in Ibiza
Got back in my city, she hit on my beeper, uh
Come to the spot then she back it up
Rock on that body, Metallica
UU ma**acre gang in the, cut

Days turn to nights like these
Lights better off in the evening
All I need, pu**y money weed
Told the label I don't want no features
Foreign on me she from overseas
Gimme birthday cake, sweet jesus
All she know is presidential suite
She wanna link up at the Four Seasons ay
She got a trick up her sleeve
She got your soul like Aretha, whoa
I got that b*t*h on her knees
N***a that hoe not a keeper
That sh*t ain't no secret
I just got back on my side
Back on some new misdemeanors
F**k em I think out the box
Drop out and flex on my teachers ay
Price on my head cos they know I got next
That b*t*h got wild thoughts
UU gang on that new Makaveli
My n***as they outlaws
500 benzo that body my temple
Now there she droppin' the top
Maison Margiella
Got smoke on my sweater
The Mary 'round and around
Now she up and about
Down for the night
B*t*h got her eyes on my clout
Tryna come to the house
Got too many vices
Ain’t got no time for no spouse, trap
I took an L and I bounced back
The voice in my head got the loud pack
Spending my nights on my way to Nirvana
’till I get it poppin' like God damn

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