?butcher Lyrics

?whxami Lyrics

Bodies in carpets they magic too
Pills in my pocket and jacket too
Don't let a sl*t make a sadder dude
Smoke out Kamaara on cabin roofs
Mask on my face at your door like we trick or treating leave you Leaking like hurricane season feening drunk fillin’ up females with Daddys seamen then I'm leaving you in the tub kidneys missing lil b*t*h

What in the f**k does you want
My minds in a mof**kin rut, u said what did I studder u dumb mother F**ker you sound like a punk
Ima bust out the blade like a butcher
F**k promises my misses always a problem not mines anymore so F**k off with the nonsense
Demolish the population like a bomb that im droppin so suck my F**king d**k and swallow it b*t*h
Pretty sure them bitties gone f**k wit me
Never trust anyone keep all of these f**ks from me
Punch a motha f**ker in the chest till his lungs empty
And if love is what u showed me b*t*h i never want any uh
Everybody tell me that they f**k with me
Duckin fake love like the cops comin
If u ever see me better run from me
Let that sh*t bust till the guns empty

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