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What it is, what it do
It’s your boy
P*** on the Cob
Chewing it up live in the airways
That last sh*t you heard
It bumped
Because that sh*t was Bump
By Wizdumb, Lil Sub, and Lil Pool Noodle
Boys, we got them live in studio
How y’all doing tonight

I’m doing alright man
I’m doing alright
Thank you for asking man
I appreciate it

Alright Wiz, let’s talk to you for a second
In your first line you were spitting
I been on the low
I feel like nothing is right
Been clutching the light
But there’s nothing in sight
Cause there’s no one
Who gives a f**k in my life
What you mean by that

So uh
For me this this line is really something
That allows the listener to feel connected
You know, as f**ked up as it is
We all get to that place where we feel like
Nobody cares about us
That’s something we can all relate to
It sorta sets the verse up to
Turn on itself, you know
Like, it’s…
It kinda starts like
Nobody f**king cares about us
It’s dark
And then it ends on
There will always be love in your life
I realized that the power I have as an artist
Is to affect people
And I decided to take this opportunity
To extend some positivity
Into the lives of my listeners

That was...
That was cool I guess
Ayo Lil Sub, lemme ask you a few questions
So a lot of Lil’s been
Coming out of the woodworks in the game
You know
What makes you choose Lil Sub

Ha, you know
They ain’t gonna none of that
You know what I’m saying
Like you gotta
You gotta turn the water off sometimes
You know
You know you turn the water off
You gotta take a left
Take a right
You know
You don’t
You don’t know where it is
You don’t know where it gon’ be
You know what I’m saying
You know all these mothaf**kas
They come up here and they say
Ah they ball you know
We ain’t talking
We ain’t talking bout
You know we gon’
Keep it positive up in this b*t*h
You what I mean
Cause some tim--
Cause sometimes I’ll get up here like
And they
You know
They don’t even know
What that’s all about
You know what I’m saying
Keh keh
Yeah you know
You know I wear a dress sometimes

Absolutely man
Man I’m gonna speak for the whole game here
And say you are truly
An inspiration for all of us
But yeah, one question
I heard this one line where you said
That b*t*h was ugly
But her pu**y on tofu
What you mean by that

Oh yeah
You know what I’m saying
All that like
You know
Face wasn’t a ten
But the pu**y
Was hot
You know like
It go
Tss tss
You know like
Sizzle like

Mmm true true
Before we move on
I heard this one line
Where you said
She blow my d**k like a
A pen
You know
You know, pen

Aight aight aight
Well before you come at me
I wanna blame my PR people for that okay
I mean a hundred mothaf**kas
Listen to that sh*t
And ain’t nobody tell
Nobody go
Aye aye aye aye Sub
F**k’s a pen
What you mean by
I said nah
Syuh syuh syuh
I thought that a pen
Was that sh*t that the coach blow in
You know
To get the kiddies’ attention right
Nah I was wrong
You know
That’s a lamp

True man
Alright moving on
We got Lil Pool Noodle
How’s it going man

Gee Gee

Now this sh*t’s a masterpiece right here man
Probably the best verse of the century
But hold up
You open your verse
And I quote
Yah yah yah yah
Yah yah yah yah
Yah yah yah yah
Yah yah yah yah
Yah yah yah yah
Yah yah yah yah
Yah yah yah yah
Yah yah yah yah
Now that sh*t speaks to me brother


Alright man yeah
I get that
But you said in this one line
Towards the end here that
That you got a
A d**k in your a**

Gee gee gee
Iye iye iye iye iye
D**k in my a**
Doo doot doot doo doot doot

Yo man
I f**ks with the vision bro
Listen up all you
Punk a** rappers out there
Don’t even think
About stepping inside the studio
Unless you at this level
That this man
Lil Pool Noodle is at

Eh eh eh

Alright man that’s all the time
That we got for this week
Catch us next week
Back in the studio
Back on the f**king airways
With our man Lil Animal Crackers
Young Eviction Notice
And My Grandmother Nancy
It’s been your boy
P*** on the Cob
Keep throating

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