Break me Lyrics

?girlfriends Lyrics

'Perco-xxo', I stargaze, when I pop my 30 I switch names
Yesterday I was tryna trade with my sensei
Then he gave me 1 6 xans

I'm just smokin' dope, all this goofies smoking crack
Shawty lookin' so bad, I like that
You can take a seat, right here on my lap
Pop a pill, times two, I wanna feel that
Man I done so much, I don't feel bad
I just love my drugs, yea, help me write these raps
Smoke another blunt, on the floor

Demon takin', I'm mistaken
Burnin' up, I feel like Satan
Just another pill I'm takin'
Cause my will to live is fadin'
Break me, I don't wanna live, I'm crazy
Never can't give up all these feelings
Like everyone will just betray me
But every night, you just go stage me

Break me down, I'm so weak
I just need my baby
I hope that all these percies kill me
Life's so shallow, what's the meaning?

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