Break Da Cycle Lyrics

X-el Lyrics


Ya, I feel you on that
There’s days where I’m sick and tired of carrying everything on my back
But the moves that we make I know they’ve got a purpose and one day all these struggles we face will all be worth it...
Ya, i know myself enough to know I have negative thoughts/
An patterns of internal dark-ness
I have fallen so deep in depression, for such a long time I can’t find my way around
I’ve been stuck on this couch
Been stuck inside my room
Been stuck inside my house
Screaming inside
Plеase someone hеlp me out
Then I realized, that was my problem
I looked to others, when I should have soul searched it out
You’re your own greatest villain
And your greatest hero
You control your story
What’s displayed is all that we know
You can show the world how you want to be known, f**k a king and queen you go an create your own throne
And I know deep within you may feel so alone
But positive independence
Beats negatives in attendance
Take a look around an see
Who you really share a seat
An who’s just around to simply walk over and scuff your feet
Money can bring the worst out in people
So please dig down deep
Find who it is you want to be and
Break The Cycle in this viable fight of mental survival.... yeah, mental survival - X-el

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