Brain Storm Lyrics

Q-Unique Lyrics

Got clouds forming and swarming with info like a pop-up video
Stuck in a twister of thoughts polluted by thots
Extreme fog alert from the kush that I burn
Suffered a hurricane of headaches from the lessons I learned
My dopamine receptors flooded, brain waves I'm surfing
Peace and clear skies in my mind I be deserving
Sometimes my skull is feeling like Fort McMurray
All my personalities running out in a hurry
Catch a fist to your face, your medulla suffers an earthquake
Chances are you might not make it to see your birthday
Emotional rain storms exiting out your tear ducts
Facing off with myself, it's normal for you to fear us
My conscience is freezing, experiencing an ice age
Psychedelic whirlwind to me is a nice day
Trynna control the weather, how long will it last?
Before you try checking me, check my forecast

When it comes to this sh*t, they know that Reno is a damn killer
Violent kinds of lightning riding through my neuro transmitters
A cyclone of words swirl around the frontal lobe
Polar vortex with the flow, you know that's f**king cold
When the beat go, the storm form in my cerebellum
Why these rappers out here trash and nobody care to tell 'em?
This sh*t don't move me, and I don't even like your verse
I kick the sh*t that hit you harder than a microburst
You don't understand the intensity when the mic is on
Concepts and rhymes spread faster than a firestorm
Stepping to these dudes will get you folded like an origami
My brain waves rival the tidals like four tsunamis
You hear us coming? Better tuck your head and get low
Reel Wolf emcees coming through like a derecho
The penal gland is the eye of the storm
This track is your emergency alert, y'all have been warned

Precipitation starts to build up, spilled water vapors are stuck
'Cause I'm Bobby Drake with a chill touch
The blizzard of Oz got you crawling through the snow
Manipulate the forecast with Ororo Munroe
Ben Franklin high as a kite ride the lightning
Fighting Thor Odinson, the rumbling thunder's frightening
A meteorologist making his predictions
Your vision is limited through these ignorant conditions
A deadly ending in Armageddon, that's God's call
Fire and brimstone, and hail the size of golf balls
As sure as Stormy Daniels is considered a p*** creature
I'm a psycho spinning cyclone of the Nor Easter
I'm in the back of the train tagging my rap name
The Soundgarden lane cloudy with a chance of black rain
Brainstorm through the city 'til I'm put in a deep grave
A Summer-born arsonist bringing on the heatwave

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