Born a King Lyrics

5ive 9ine Lyrics

Came in the game unclaimed by a DJ
Mind of a hustler, I was trained in the PJ’s
My n***as untamed put that pot over the flame
Whip it, flip it to a range
Switch lanes on the freeway
Lambo, man I want that Lambo, drop top
Steppin’ on you squares I gotcha number, hopscotch
My block spot you squares roll up on your crew tonight
F**k your circle, we make squares roll like we shootin’ dice
We too precise when we get to clappin’ them gauges
You will never leave here like that sh*t that happens in Vegas
I get to swaggin on haters, grippin a**es in flavors
If these n***as gettin’ chips, than my sh*t’s a sack of potatoes
I’m steady by myself
Everybody wanna be one n***a
But one n***a wanna be everybody else
But f**k em
Prison guards couldn’t move these bars
I’m so hot, set me on fire, it’ll cool me off
Truly dog, my b*t*h bad and my ride clean
I mean clearly I ball, Visine
Your rhyme schemes weak and you lack structure
I’m out in SoHo, rare polo, black chuckers
Gold chains, watches range the whole 9
Boy they call me mop and glow the way my flow shine
Whole time I been studying the puns
The Canibus’, the Nas’, Jay-Z’s, the Run’s
The Biggie’s, the Pac’s, the firm with Fox
The old school Puff Daddy’s, the Twista’s, The LOX
The Busta’s, the Big L’s, the Big Daddy Kane
Slick Rick, the eyepatch, the big nasty chain
All the to the LL’s even to the Eminem’s
Back when Junior Mafia had littles C’s and Kim and them
I remember when rap was real, now it lack heart
I’m talkin’ bout the Kanye’s, the Common’s, the Black Thoughts
Get rich or die trying, n***a that’s the plan
But even 50 Cent was grindin, bumpin Method Man
Cash rules everything around me, blast tools
Down to my last, make rounds till past dues
Even do Wiz, he like a cool little Hendrix
From Q to 112, to School Boy and Kendrick
From Wale Folarin, to Wyclef and Lauren
Had a Walter Payton flow, I was side steppin’ on em
I got a skill set, you can’t acquire these
I done slept in a slaughter house with the Kweli’s
And I go hard with it too
I leave the new school and learn to spar with the Wu
The Rakim, the Kool G Rap’s, you know The Blueprint
Stomp a n***a out and leave KRS shoeprint
F**k that sh*t, new bent, rollin’ on some 20′s
Cause these ratchet b*t*hes love to hear me talk about this money
How I’m doggin’ out these hunnies
Louis, Gucci, Fendi
If they ain't trappin’ or bangin’
Man these dudes is gettin’ trendy
I’m the nicest on the scene, flow priceless and it’s mean
Bars dirty like I’m doing life on Rikers with the fiends
Every fiber of my being, every organ inside my entire body
Probably from my mind to my spleen
Is in line with my dream, inclined and it’s keen
To define what I mean, it’s divine like a beam
When it shine and it gleam
From your time at the bottom to the climb that it bring
I was designed as a king

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