Blood n Bars Lyrics

?sKitz Kraven Lyrics

I came into this game alone
Hear clicks when you hit my phone
Bad b*t*h she look like Nia Long
Don’t need a loan
When she dance
I see her thong
I wanna see her on her knees
While I just feed her bone
Tip toe when I walk in
Talk sh*t
I’m in your spot
Like I’m parking
You can smell there’s something
Dead in my apartment
Killing everyone I see
Cuz I’m heartless
Moment of clarity
Once I heard the doctor was scared of me
After therapy
He wouldn’t dare to be
In my way
When I’m shooting up a charity
I’m letting it spray
Pipe bombs
Yeah the sh*t is homemade
I’m high af
Sitting on my mommas roof
Like J Cole
Mi no speak Englase
When face to face
With po-po
La vida loco
I got no friends
I’m solo
All I need with me
Is Seroquel and Draco’s
I just do me
These b*t*hes do what I say so
Shooters with me
I got em all on a payroll
I’m so unique
I like to c*m in her A-hole
Cause a lil rukkus
Then I go home and lay low
I’m sippin on a pint of
Bourbon detergent
Yeah I don’t play with knives
Unless I’m leaving you squirmin
I smile to the fans
But cut my wrists behind the curtains
Call me doctor Kraven
With the knife I’m a surgeon
I might lose my license
Cuz I’m cutting on purpose
Your worthless veins
I’ll be leaving them squirting
B*t*h I never liked you
I just wanted your service
Knife to your skin
Got you feeling all nervous
Surrounded by these f**king voices
I just forgot that Evan said that already
I got some pills in my belly
Was up all night
I made a mess in the Telly
Am I alive or have I always been dead
I guess there’s really no telling
I’m in dilemmas no Nelly
Got bodies rotting
Now my basement is smelly
I’m making money by the hour
Got more bread than a deli
I’m hitting heads on top of heads
Until the hammer is swelling
F**k a fake a** hoe
The only time I buy what a woman is telling
Is when it’s only pu**y she’s selling
My neighbors know just when I’m f**king
Cuz the pu**y is yelling
I RIP that b*t*h
Now both parents are dwelling
Lemme stop
No lemme keep it going on your b*t*h a**
Heard you got some kids
I’m bout to kidnap
Feed the piggy’s poison
Till they’re oinking
Till they ni-nap
I’m about to sni-snap
Smoking on a rock
I call it cr'nack
Heard that you’re a real tough guy
Where your grip at
I heard you wanna fade
Where you live at?
I’ve been hella rich
Where you been at?
Told the plug
That I’ll be there in a minute

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