Blind Not Blind Lyrics

All the hats Lyrics

I know that is hard to trust again when love`s playing aroundBut to keep that in fact feels, feels a lot manMaybe i`m nobody for you, neither you want to hearBut if i could`nt offer you something, that was my love and lifeSo you could do what you want

When i find myself the first thing that i wonder isHow you will be?If you remember meAre you laughing?And your rest is behindI cant tell you that i knew you like i would it likeBut if i can say what i felt that nigth, with six words it`s allrigthThat you switched all my feelings

If i gave you my heart don't say that i want something back goddamitThat everybody has been going fordward doesn´t means GoddamitThat i`ll looks tired to figth don´t say i´m going to stopGoddamitThatt you don´t care a shit about me doesn´t means to meThe end of my life

I am tired of seeing you cry when you could it be laughingGoddamitYou can´t play with everybody`s feelings when you are fancyGoddamitI am sick of seeing as you eat up the world believe inThat you understand itBut regrettably she desapare like a flash

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