Black Hefty Bag Test Lyrics

$ilkMoney Lyrics

Father's Day
Why are black people afraid of chainsaws?
Run n***a n***a n***a n***a
You could say motorcycle too, vrroooom

You used to wanna be Elvis Presley, but now you James Brown
Identifying with any race that gets you paid pal
N***erfishing and skin pretenders all in the same pile
If I had a white b*t*h I'd get her painted a Rihanna shade brown
It's such a shame how they love n***a euphemisms
And n***a movies with no n***as in them
They get a wigga like Bruno Mars to shoot at a dark conclusion
But this part's the truest, how I start right angle then fall apart congruent
How they call white angels, but are the darkies humans
Grammys all stealing from n***as who weren't recipients
Copy and pasting our penmanship and won't even give lyricists their percentage
Sh*t is sickening, Angie Stone hand me the tone and imma split his wig
Leave his curl activated lidded all on his glitted kicks
I'll be one less lonely n***a, like Justin Bieber
But n***as seem to forget cause I keep me a new Travis Scott feature
Invited to the cookout but I forgot seasonings
Forgot my nature and I stopped breathing
But trading your races when your hairline declines and starts migrating
These migraines got me unable to describe pains
The mild strain behind my cornea
Forces me to only wanna see without my eye's gaze
The whole left side of my mind feels like that mind game
And my mind's plain, but I got a time frame
So I got no time to focus on a healthy mindstate
The gold control the system
Destroy the mold and recreate the mold again
Shut down these artificial organisms like the cyber initiative
Escape the chainsaws before I tore a ligament
If they get me before it's over with
Then just know it was foretold they'd get me
And I'll be just one less lonely n***a

One less lonely n***a
One less lonely n***a
One less lonely n***a
Gonna be one less lonely n***a

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