?nAvvvi ? Lyrics

B*t*h I got the flow
Got the magnum no control
Night vision like an owl
Electric fist delete a soul
Mercenaries on the road
Got your leader in a choke
One tone and hes k.O
Cause im not gonna play games b*t*h
Packin the tec it cost a check
One shot you find your head deteached
Got dogtags wrapped around my neck from all the victims that I snapped
Checking the map I mark your camp
We pulling up without a sense
Expensive lifestyle ain't a thing
We all just wanna pay the rent

Break in the backdoor
We bringing out the bag

Step on that Big Mac synthetic
Gift of cattle

Get me the f**k off out this Status don’t makes me gag

Stepping on the band I’m not facing backwards
Rather I see the grind than touch a brand

Brand new rollers
Rocking it
Making it obvious
You’re the Klepto god that
Started off
An abomination
Never did honest

Trading your art in for profit
Trading down, you moderate b*t*h

End up asking all them apologies
Having your oxygen missing

Wayne's stained state
Pick yo poison, just great
Brain may break
Met you on yo hate train
B*t*h you got to morne
I ain't part of plagues
If I had a horn
I would met your pain

Heat is raising up thats from the blankest room to floor up
Wearing masks daily like this a next majora
Solving riddles short of sherlock but you more like dora
Candy pu**y whipped b*t*h, you a fukn moron

Clorox on my tendril f**k around and get his mental split
Cybernetic school b*t*h outfit flexing out the censorships
Get your f**king vessel ripped
Pack so big it couldn't fit
Wounds is out here festering set measures with the metal chips
Now the whole world watch
Bullets are hitting his sh*t in a minute I stick it in
Home girl crotch
No intervention for you in a mention your watching your
Whole world rot
Loaded weapon of choice
In a second the noise
That's an
Old world plot
Home grown threats
Taking no more loss


B*t*h i gotta do everything that can about me

Oh my soul is leaving, oh my self is dying

Trust me this isn't about how you are gonna blow
Trust me this is just about how you gonna get devoured


Last one up last one down
Cash on a conveyer belt watch it all pile up now
Prayers that we never make it out now
Skin welt watch and screech at the hellbound
Come and let's beat it out
Bullet be lodged In my cranium
Weigh it up bleed out my pores
I need a pint of that
Extract the gas from my corpse fill up your tank

Count up the bands in the darkness can't even see sh*t
Tore out my heart and you beg for forgiveness
I'm getting drunk off your lust cross myself off the hit list

Eyes obsidian and rolling back and now I'm gonna pack it up and leave this town I'm never looking back and you can't even ask where the f**k I'm going I'm a great white shark in a fish tank

We don't f**king walk around
Searching for another cloud
Changing our sound
To appease some kind of crowd

Little cloudchaser, good doggy
We don't like you, sincerely not sorry

We the world wide mix
Mercenaries's the clique
Shoot the 5,56
Through the walls into your chick x2

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