Black Canoe Lyrics

Queen Kurtis Lyrics

Verse 1:

Wizard above
Why don’t you come through?
Why don’t you love?
What do you have to prove?
You’re wasting time
Standing on the wire
Let’s solve this crime
Before we retire


I set fire to their rings
Then I set fire to their Kings
And then I freed all the witches
From those mother f**king b*t*hes, oh


Smeared war paint all over my face

I’ll rock this stage like it’s an earthquake

I’ll get you blazed, get you off your face

We’ll be erased, no way to be fake

I’ll turn this stadium so golden

Don’t be afraid of dreams or hoping

It’s not a price to pay cuz it’s true

Imma take you on my Black Canoe

Verse 2:

Wizard above
Was it a mistake?
Murdering doves
Just to have a taste
Of Innocence
Breaking in to two
You always knew
I don’t follow rules

Fear of the lions
Makes an alliance

Secret defiance
Look at the fires

You are the wisest
You are the kindest

I am the fool who’s
Given the slightest

Fear of the liars
Breaks an alliance

Follow the riders
They’ll be the lighters

You’ll be the ship
And I’ll be the captain

And baby you know what is
About to happen

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