Biscuits & Mouse Eggs, I Wanna Marry You Lyrics

$ilkMoney Lyrics

Rebuild me like the Six Million Dollar Man
Add a biometric scan to the palm of my hand
The era of the disposable body plan
Can I kick it, n***a?
How much you wanna bet I can?
Over the fence, into the yard where the gra** is much greener
Cause the sprinklers wet the lands, man
Soon I won't need a b*t*h no more
I'll just download my nut into the database
And create my future seed from Tor
You in the bleachers, but you be keepin' score?
How? You n***as down a thousand
Heard you were lost then, I hope you found an option
If not, then b*t*h n***a stop
This a hard pill to swallow so I'mma just crush it and snort it
Trapped in the Matrix but still somehow I'm awake
And I just couldn't ignore it
Woulda bought me some pu**y, not enough cushion
I just couldn't afford it
Whether I'm soaring or within torment, my soul is enormous
My skin is gorgeous, the phone is cordless
And so it's under the coat that I'm sportin'
Told 'em it's touring, but it was really the dope I'm importin'
Colored it orange and paint it back blue
And now I'm callin' it Corbin
I'm like Steve Irwin except a n***a got poked up by a swordfish

I know my worth n***a
This melanin 440 a gram b*t*h
The pale horse with us and hell follows wherever he lands in
Been a fan since we shipped it from Mississippi to Canton
Been on a tangent, these b*t*h n***as can't stand it
I can't remember what my plan is
I just like puttin' n***as in boxes like deadstocks
Me and my n***as, we wash the dishes like we Malcolm and Redd Foxx
This .50 with me, a Indian b*t*h with a red dot
Your sh*t not hot, you got no drop and a dead block
This an emergency, I emerge and see how to emerge in a C cla**
You never heard of me?
I'm giving third degrees with this speech cla**
Three subjects and one song, history, English, and teach math
Hit his kneecaps, then hit the a***og down once and t-bag
Police a** n***a, just keep tabs
Of course a bird n***a gon' tweet mad
If I was broke as you, I too, would probably be sad
Imma kick the door or just sneak past
I don't need 'em to let me in
Imma just be a knee with a motherf**kin' ski mask
Ain't no b*t*h
I took a b*t*h to Ruth Chris and gave her the toothpicks
I'm like Chip Skylark with a toolkit but I'm toothless
I got a coolin' kit it was rusty when I got it but I souped it
I'm tryna kill a cracker, so my n***a, don't make me use it

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