Bih Plz Lyrics

26 Mic Lyrics


{Verse 1}
Coming off the rip
F**k that b*t*h
N***a say no more

B*t*h I’m 26
And I’m back
N***a yea fasho

N***as capping on this rapping sh*t then what you rapping for
She told me that loved me nearly went ahead and slapped the hoe

Stupid a** b*t*h
You know what I’m saying you already know I’m popping
Heartless a** n***a all of her friends claiming that I’m toxic
She gotta new mans the second day that was outta pocket
Left the b*t*h on read I’m 26 I ain’t no second option

On gang I pull out the choppers
We be the n***as that hang wit the robbers
Final warning on that n***a's head
Feel like Nle Choppa

Lz and Dako with them nines, n***a who gon stop us
I don’t fеar no n***a on this planet besides my Hеavenly Father

It be the n***as that know me it be the same n***as that hoe me uh
It be the n***as that choose me it be the same n***as that ignore me uh
It be the n***as that for me and I thank God for my glory
And I call her Megan Thee Stallion cause I finna turn into Tory uh

{Verse 2}
Date a white girl from the Buffalo
She ain’t never know I had other hoes
My toxic traits come in handy
I ain’t wanna cuff her man I was like mabye
And no time for no love no n***a I can’t be
And I nut on her face and I call the b*t*h sandy uh
On her knees she praying for Patrick
Tuff n***a he get no action

Like sh*t happened
Need a b*t*h who’s bougie and ratchet
And I’m 17 feel like 21 savage
I love the money imma Benjamin addict

When she was crying I was over here laughing
And she told me she loved me I knew she was capping
And Its crazy how she thought I was average
Dumped her and I found a new bad b*t*h

Back on my grind, back on my mother f**ken sh*t
Hear what I’m saying my n***a
I’m back on my grind don’t care bout
No mother f**ken b*t*h
I ain’t playing my n***a
Young n***a young n***a back with the squad
Theses b*t*hes be demons I only fear God
New guy every season
Couldn’t believe it she need Jesus

Young n***a working dumb figures
Don’t play with me already won n***a
I got money money money on my mind
And at the same time I’m having fun n***a

Just young n***a on YouTube
She second guessing like it’s blues clues
Come up to me n***a who was you you
Had to disappear like poof poof b*t*h

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