83HADES Lyrics

No smoke you want beef with my clique
Pull up gun sounds in this b*t*h
Big choppa came with a kick
bust down off of zips

Talkin and you know his a** gone hit
See the run it down on yo f**kin b*t*h

I don't run heist no more
I don't check price no more
And I got this nice .44
Don't try me lil bro

Why you gotta gun but you won't blow it
Tryna take me
Imma skirt off commotion
And I sell a lot of dope
Got a with a scope
B*t*h we bang in this hoe

And i'm up from my set
Come down with the poles
off with the tech
Turn him winter time with the snow ay
Made her fall in love with the cocaine
And I got in my toes ay
Watch me skirt off in the beam
when I see her
Got the hollow tips they might еat ya

Free all my dogs in the pin

F**k everybody b*t*h I am alonе

I made 30 bands I was usin my phone
I made 30 bands and I did it alone
Pull-Pull out yo pistol b*t*h
I bought me a draco
Guns in the back so you know how i'm comin
They call me big fxndi turn nothin to somethin
Whi-White boy fxndi he be posted with the gang
He was outside
Talkin to the boy better watch what you say
He don't give a f**k kill yo a** broad day
I-I-I-I roll with the mop b*t*h you roll with a posse
Big a** AK straight from benghazi
Big gas and my lungs nazi
Smokin that pack hotbox like a nazi
F**k on that b*t*h imma make her bust down

I with them rounds
I made all this money for sellin them pounds
F**k yo gang f**k yo clique
F**k yo gang f**k yo clique
F**k yo gang f**k yo clique

Without this music I probably won't be sh*t
I hate you b*t*hes talk and I mean it
run up yo home and gone stay with it
Choppa gone take off yo face now you faceless
Never looked up to nobody
I rather be dead in the coffin than copy somebody
I might just go pop me an oxy
I can't stand this pain so I walk around like i'm a zombie
You is a not a big talk
Stop with all that small talk
Talkin n***a dropped off
B*t*h yuh
Tweakin like i'm spastic
I'm movin with big fxndi so you know that sh*t is tragic
AK on yo back with the ruger in yo pocket
Why you flexin guns when you know damn well you won't pop it
No I ain't no b*t*h I ain't doin this for profit
Why you all up on me like a weirdo boy just stop it

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