Before I Die (Remix)


Before I Die (Remix) By Ghetts

Before I die, I wanna be rich, I wanna be famous
Nah, I wanna be a superstar
Before I die, I want chicks, my wrists slit with bracelets
A few cars and two huge yards
Before I die, I want a car with massaging seats
Gold bath taps, and before I die I want a ménage à six
Before I die, before I die
I’ve got a lot of living left to do before I die

Before I’m in the graveyard, I want a mil for eight bars, I want a b*t*h from Babecast
Then I’ll have a d**k that stays hard, I don’t wanna star in a flick like Braveheart
I take charge, I want ten bikes, eight cars, and a great yard
That ain’t far from the hood but still it’s off-radar, I wanna make history
Put my face in the hall of fame, and I ain’t gonna leave Earth till I talk to Damien
It’s analyse each word, bought a Range and I ain’t ever done a week’s work, I wanna free Mercs
And ghost-write for the guy with the weak verse, if I drop from the top, I wanna fall feet-first
I wanna bring back the T-birds, print “f**k feds” on my T-shirt, I’ll make love to a Greek nurse
Before I’m in the cemetery, I wanna watch all the films out the 70s
I’ve tried but I fell asleep – so did my dad, so I guess it’s hereditary
I still wanna f**k Emily, , never had chemistry
But now she belling me, before I’m in a box, I wanna do a tour of the rock
Right now I’ll be bored on the block, still got a few score on my socks
And I’m still at war with the cops, so before I die, I’mma hold my 45 high
Pull the trigger back, hit a pig in black
Then kidnap a rat, it’s a fact, it’s of that now I’m kicking back

Before I die, when I’m flat on my back looking up at the sky
Which I can’t see because I’m blind, as well as deaf, out of breath, coughing up blood from my chest cause
My lungs are f**ked from all the fags I’ve smoked, still be thinking about how many slags I’ve poked
Now I wanna poke more, even though I’m dying and my throat’s sore
Cause I’m raw to the core of the apple, with a worm in it, I want a womb so I can put sperm in it
Even though I’m 63 and I can’t take a pee without feeling like I’m burning it
My d**k over a naked flame, I just want a naked dame
With a makeshift name, like Tila Tequila
That b*t*h from New Orleans with big fake tits like Jordan’s
These MySpace girls, they boring, only good for one thing: that’s balling
So even when I’m terminally ill and I’ve lost all my sex appeal
Let me let you all know what’s real, what I’m spitting right here’s my will
So when you see me on road when I’m old with a bald patch on my head
A hearing aid in my ear with a guide dog near, lying on the floor looking like I’m dead
Just remember what I said I wanna do before I die
And get a fat ugly b*t*h to sit on my d**k, it won’t matter to me cause I’m blind

Before I die, hold the medi, keep it steady, choom de la la
Mix the neckle with chocolate Thai, get high
Before I die, I’mma link Elton John with a hardback yardie
He’s gonna say “hello hi”, and she’s gonna say “what?” and come f**k me
Had it with Versace cutlery, and a rug from Argos
“Narstie you’re moving fam, you’re going far cuz”
Tried love but I’m not quite there, I’m still finding it hard to get rain from Britney Spears
By the way, Gary’s got too much glitter: leave the kids alone
Talking about nonces, I wanna catch Ian Huntley
Feed him to a staff called Mutley, in the Evening Standard
Back to before I die: rizlas, fags and po po
I’mma get high, go evil, make zeros wow, scared: I’mma get by
New creps, 2-steps, I’mma step fly, man step heavy fam, never step shy
I’m more happy than a Happy Meal, looking for a happy deal, here’s a happy slap, how does happy feel?
So as you can see, I am a mad guy
So before I go, I’mma teach the Queen gang signs

The other day I had a drink with The Reaper, we talked about “what if I was six feet deeper?”
What would I change in all of my days to have had a sex life just a little bit sweeter?
I said “Not much really as it happens, plenty of slappers, had a lot of luck
Stuck a bottle up a girl having drunk all the wine, straight from her belly button, snorted a line
Very next day, done practically the same to the girl’s best friend and I didn’t feel shame
Both found out they were part of a spree, they attacked each other but they didn’t hurt me”
The Reaper said “I’ve studied your movements, it would seem to me there’s room for improvement
That story there would impress a few – a rapper, eh? Is that the best you can do?
Same situation but put it on a plane, in the first class section, perfection’s game
Take your pick from the air stewardesses, lock off the cabin, remove their dresses
GHB can replace the gack, or make things slick if you abuse the crack
Bottles up vaginas are fine if you’re entertaining, but use champagne
Not wine and you’ll find that the bubbles excite em, the pleasure is heightened, believe me
You’ll be closer to heaven, and to finish with style, parachute from the plane like you’re 007″
You can’t beat that for originality, everything you dreamt of, make reality
I thought I’d done it all but I’ve missed all sorts, before I’m a corpse, there’s so much to see

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