Been On Lyrics

Xander Lyrics

What? Been on things
Way before my hair was lookin' like Don King's
When we used to roll up and take don's things
And started talkin' to the jakes and got the don's nicked 
I need a ting that gon' give me long neck, I'ma call her ostrich
Hotties tryna take this hitter hostage
Them man ain't Buzzworl, they're imposters
Movin' fetty with the fetty, don't watch this
Spizzy, that's my nizzy, my accomplice
Busy in the trizzy with the nitties, movin' ox's
F1 ting, no c*ckpit
Babe, mind your teeth, I ain't tryna get my c*ck bit
They had me locked for more than a hot bit
And never once I felt like I lost it
Kept headstrong through all the losses
Like when I lost granddad and I lost king
They got my n***as doin' birds on a hot wing
Left leg chickens, they don't see no hot wings
But they still got a tizzy and they got bits
That's gains and goals, yeah, that's top things
That's straight drop gang when man rock whip
That's paper plans and man lock strips
That's a mad year cah it's been a hot spring
That's bare man focused on the wrong things
Lost in the sauce, don't get caught up in that pot, kid
Out here, hella man sing songs
Bally on me, it weren't me in that ding dong
Oh sh*t, did you see what the pigs done?
Told my n***a, "Drive", we gon' get this whip spun
Cah if they do we, gon' throw a big one
And I could tell you for free that that's sh*t long
But bro been on
Audi packs raw and man, his whip's gone
Told him slap that in sports, use the trip trunk
You ain't getting money, what you been on?

Uh, I been on that
Free my n***as, we all grew up, Mortal Kombat
Why you think we mix the Mali with the Cognac?
I ain't f**kin' wit' your girl, she got a long back
Uh, I need man to keep that same energy when we make contact
F**k around and woulda hit him with the
You ain't on that, take it down one
Talkin' mashes, you ain't even been around one
Fam, you sound dumb
Type of n***a man can hit up with the Tommy cah we see another outcome
Talkin' millis, we already went for round one
On the journey to the money, I achieve 'cause I believe
And if you pree me, me and could always see it
We put batteries and bags, a lot of man was movin' crack
It's just a pack, boy, let it go, you've been defeated
Uh, now the VR seven seated
It's only right it's been allowed, feeling cheated
Tryna make it right while got us caught up in this street sh*t
Now we all caught up in this street sh*t
Uh, now we all caught up in this grease sh*t
If it was hittin' them, man had to talk in Portuguese sh*t
N***as hard-headed, yeah, you know that Congolese sh*t
Or the yard one, or the Irish
You know, C-Town, Somalians and Pirates
Grew up 'round the sickest, not the wisest
Said, I grew up round the sickest, not the wisest

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