Be Real [Unreleased] Lyrics

Xenial Lyrics

Be real
You don’t run a trap b
Matter fact you spitting the same thing you did last week
On that same note ya better get a taxi cause most your stuff is average the sh*t no one would gas please
At the moment no one got any skill except for me and the team plus a few with some mills
At the same time I get hang time with these real lines but no one can shape up with the music cause they stay lyin
Goddamn I been writing since an adolescent dreaming of the stage rapping up until the present
But it’s evident I’m stuck on the past cause
Cause I’m writing all the feelings that I’ve had for the last
5 years or so I kill a show then hit the door
And go back to the stupid flow
And catch a charge for killing bars I’m so retard
I didn’t even pay the bill now I’m gone
I’m just tryna bring the buzz back with the love rap
Stead of dumb trap just to make you think
People compare me to Cole and as much as I’ve been told
It’s been getting really old so I start to think
What can I do to abide rules like in high school
So I can get to points in my life where I want to
Break doors down keep my squad round
And just make sounds kill my compet**ion like it's 8 mile
Till then I’m just running and gunnin and hitting the summit until I see the place where I gain crowns
And I ain’t ever gonna just plummet cause dammit I done it before and I ain’t comin for the other round

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