Based On The Past Lyrics

7 Birches Lyrics

Look at what's behind us, the past leaves splinters in our arms. We try pulling them out before they do more harm. Our way of life is shaped by the struggles of another. The tale no one told our mothers, fabricated by the others. So we go on blind- the truth tucked away behind the lies they told to cover up the most heinous of crimes. Well they say history repeats so the world won't go on. The greatest structures on the Earth were built by people worth less than dirt. They carried headstones to their graves, dug their own holes with rusted spades. Enslaving people for their gain, in mounds of wealth they hid their shame. They wiped their hands clean of the dirt then showed up Sunday at their church. Thought themselves favored by God deserving of his love and laud. Turned a blind eye, turned a blind eye to everything. You've got your points based on the past, though it's the only thing you lack a grasp on, you hypocrite. We fought a pointless f**king war- both sides refused to see what was more important than politics. They'll say the past is justified expect you to join their side it's all for their own benefit. They'll say the past is justified expect you to just believe the lies they tell you- they're full of sh*t

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