BARbarian (Freestyle) Lyrics

X (ItsXMusic) Lyrics

Yo, yo
You are witnessing a genius
Strongest voice in an industry of weakness
He's amazing, greatness was never meant to be convenient
But together we are history repeated, synergy in secret
Every single rhyme, remedy and reason, get behind me
You might end up being treasoned
You listen when I'm speaking, I can show you why these sinkholes happen, and why that tower out in Italy is leaning
It's all about the foundation, just wasn't solid enough
Follow me and building will never be a problem for us
Ain't no denying it, there's nothing better than a mind adrift
The message is never bottle it up, do as you please
Do to debris, who could it be, eluding police
You need at least, nuclear reach, come and find me
I'm underground, moving the streets, beautifully
Slick as the ruler, grew up a beast
I might, get your studio breached, what what you say to me
They call me X but I swear I got this from A to Z
I've been with Morpheus tryna plot on the agency
And figure out how I can convince the Dr. to save a beat
Not finna wait and see, a way to maneuver
We let it go, whoever told you hesitate was the shooter
Your brain's a computer, they'd rather you know later than sooner
That's why I keep my circles small and my triangles Bermuda
We movin', straight through the sewer, come and take you a tour
Was measuring tape to the ruler, tell these label consumers
I'm shining
Like the diamonds on Jacob the Jeweller
You couldn't stop me with the face on Medusa
Came from the future, I know what you 'bout to do before the situation, whoo
And this is process of elimination
I'm in The House That Jack Built doing renovations
I just want it sturdy for the next generation
Maybe I'm crazy, I don't know, you tell me if I'm tripping
Ain't it insane, to do the same thing in need of a difference
The people saying open up, he in a fetal position
You gotta practice what you preach in religion and anything else
Guess you thought you'd get a pa**, not exactly
The Bone Collectors back, call a taxi, my hacksaw is nasty
After we chop it up I'll put the car in reverse like a handoff to Crabtree, get at me
We can have at it, through mathematics, and black magic
Do not have at's with the last dragon, I've been, backpacking
Get a whiff of the team, we got a bar for ever single time your pendulum swings
Infinite schemes, remember, you at dinner with kings
My energy sings, I'm Sonic with unlimited rings
You either living the dream or you live in your dreams
Wake up, they tryna eat before the kitchen is clean
I don't understand what you thought it was, or what you might've been, but we don't get to try again
Wake up like today we'll get it all at once, sh*t I just like to win
If you believe it you'll acquire it, I promise you

Teamback, KWG

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