Banta Lyrics

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N***as know

I ain't the one for banta
I ain’t the one for jokes
I'll pirate swing it
Itch it, itch it, itch it in throats
If he f**kin' runs
Then I’ll catch this c**t
LOL you're done
What a f**kin' joke

C*cky, so violent, love ridin'
Who's on what, I'll get him
Dis one long like viking
Oh my days, I might just knife him
I'm wicked and cool
We from what, if I make you spill
If you got me, I'll lurk for the kill
Big 15 tryna do man up
You ain’t on uh, you ain’t on f**kery
This is dutty, if I back this one
Open lungs, grip it, twist it
Watch how an opp boy run
Watch how an opp boy run
Who's on what, deffo get that bun
Uh, uh, uh, uh
Who’s on what, if I get that bun
You be tell em how s1 drip
We pull up, hands on hip
And all then boy der run quick
And all of that talk on my name is wa**
Cause they ain't done sh*t
How many man have I bucked and them boy leg it like foolish kids
Are you f**king dumb I'll back my shank
And aim for a prick
Lemme show them bout ‘S talk sh*t
Pull up and leave man picked
I swear on my life I'm vital
But I’m the coolest of kids
And I might just take your b*t*h
I might just take your b*t*h
Why? Cause I'm a c*cky prick

Moretime the mandem prosper anytime we take that risk
Cb k when I Ching
How many times have we done them things
Slide on the opps, tryna make man swim
Who's on what, they forget that ching
We do trap, we put things in cling
Smile on face when the hotline blings
Back that ramz and the man start dashing
Had man doing up Charlie Chaplin
Ks on the 12, they're dissing
Countless times have we dished out splashings
That's way too spinnin'
Violate gang we don't know bout chilling
Get round der on my ones, I'm willin'
Ding dong ped on the back, real skiddin'
Life support, man we leave man swimmin
Couldn't give a toss if I'm pepper
I don't rate them boy from
But them yutes so wet up
Dip round der tryna leave man wetter
Jump off, dip, put whole in sweaters
Then dash that shank and purchase a new one
I won't run with my shank like
Do man live with a maze like
I remember when the gang had these
What you know about guys in uber
That's 3 knife men, 1 shooter
Like, you wan' hold ofthese shellings
Things in pants I ain't talking billings
Sb put smoke into carni
Like, let gets cold queffing
Which opps ain't learnt their lesson
Better start counting blessin's
Either then I prepare for the worst
Dem man der put K's on us, we threw it on dem man first

I don't want hear no chat
How many times we pulled up
And all alla dem boys they dash
Still they wan chat bout us
An they're all there foolish prats
Cause they know the 12 do bash
When we pull up that's hands on hips
When we pull up that's hands on hips
Alla dem boy they leg it
Alla dem boy they leg it
When we pull up that's hands on hips
When we pull up that's hand on hips
Alla dem boy they f**king run
Alla dem boy they f**king run

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