Ball State Lyrics

70th Street Carlos Lyrics

Grrah, grrah, ooh

Waiting for Cal to call me to go to Ball State
High as a b*t*h, I'm to the clouds, feel like I'm outer space
So many numbers in my phone, a n***a out of space
Man, I was way over there, I smacked him by mistake
Up that b*t*h, no hesitation
Drop that b*t*h, Carlos don't wait
Beacoup sh*t up on my plate
Was hungry so you know I ate
Pull up, f**k the invitation
Come on b*t*h, I'm not impatient
Free my n***a out the backroom
All that time that n***a facing
My n***a always wear a mask, I call that n***a Jason
And you know we got that white just like my sister's mama Stacy
And I'm goin' to get diamonds in my mouth soon I take off these braces
And them b*t*hes on me like a phone, just like them phone cases
And my b*t*h with me all on a trip, that's a baecation
She know I'm retarded, she be callin' me a mental patient
What you tryna get? A sip, meet me at the gas station
On them Adderalls, all my n***as out here bag chasin'
Walk up in the club, they showin' love, b*t*hes a** shakin'
And b*t*hes on our d**k, them n***as mad, I see them sad faces
Got my own Nicki, and I'm lookin' like, "You bad, baby"
Grab her and I kiss her and I'm grabbin' on that a**, baby
Plus my b*t*h ten just like two hands
Gettin' money, that sh*t in my genes just like blue pants
Mhm, all that f**kin' mumbling, what is you saying?
N***as been on snake sh*t, that's why I don't do them new friends
I was on that lean in public lackin', won't do it again
N***a say he with that seven, but who put you in?
Even got colors but I'll still'll put you in a blend
Aimin' at your head but it's goin' through your skin

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