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F**k 12, man, I know they did it
Can't believe that they really just took my mans
Sh*t was good while it lasted, we had some fun
Now New York will never be the same again
You was whoopin' people a**
Got me banned from Little Sister and I didn't give a damn
Never thought that I would see the day
They put your main back inside an ambulance
I'm prayin', I'll miss my sleeze
I hope you ball , I hope you ball in peace
Can't get you off, can't get you off my mind
I wish I could call , I wish I could call you one more timе
What were you runnin' away, runnin' away from?
I'm proud you made it out a long way, from whеre you came from
I'm tryna someone to take out this pain on
I wish I could turn back time so I could hold on
I see you in my dreams fallin' away from me
I never met someone that's loyal, I'ma just keep sh*t immaculate for you
I always made sure that you ate good when it's time to eat
Had a feast from Nobu took until you fell asleep
When I came to your city I kept you with me for the whole week

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