Balance (Remix) Lyrics

Q. Allanz Lyrics

It must ve a challenge
The way she's moving it on that pole, this pretty thing got talent
All I'm thinking about is getting her home into my palace
I ain't no thirsty dude but if I am, she got the gallons
Yeah, she knowing just what she do, even if it's cold she makes it warm
Trying to get her bacc to the champagne room, pull out this phone and make a p***
Now, you see how her days are spent, now you see how she pays her rent
Bounce all that thiccness up on my lap, got me going crazy when I smell her scent
Now, I see why all the followers on IG are interested
And I admit my eyes are open, like Wi-Fi I'm trying to get connected
Yeah she picced the right profession, throw it bacc with so much aggression
All that skin is a extra blessing, if she bounces right she might get pregnant, I'm just saying

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