Bad Vibes Vol. 1 (Remix) Lyrics

5h0ckw4v3 Lyrics

Bad Vibes, at night, I wonder why I got Bad Vibes
I cry, at night, I'm just dead inside
Then I, realize, I can't win against my mind
Unless I, try to fight

We gon hit you with it, because it goes like BANG!
Now I'm gonna give you a Bad Vibe!

Bad Vibes
Bad Vibes
Bad Vibes
Bad Vibes

I'm hurtin' inside
You make me wanna cry

I want to feel alive one day
I want to feel again, soon I'll be
Gone one day
All these thoughts in my mind
I couldn't help but wonder
What was next to me
Number than infinity
When I'm gone, what you'll never see
You'll never know what you meant to me

Meant to me
Feel alive, feel alive one day
Feel alive
Never know what you meant to me
What you meant to me
Bad Vibes

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