B-Side x Fumez the Engineer – Plugged In Lyrics

30 (B Side) Lyrics

Big up Fumez The Engineer
Plugged In
Some 785 sh*t, you already know
Free the f**king gang
Free KK, free Bucky B
Yeah, f**k with the B or run from the Gs

Boy better know that my ting ain't a jammer
I let it kick like Kaka and watch them scatter
Free up bro, he's a well-known attacker
Make a pussio scream, no p***, push that in with force
Or man pop corn, turn man corpse
Do it like Jason Bourne

The .32 conceal that easily
The dot-dot's meaty, the glizzy grip on the handle
I was on the block doin' crime with the dots in the nine way before I could whip it in manual
My gun does blow, have thеm man on ropes
But them man scared to comе past this side
But when they do the gang's gonna shoot
They have to be careful what cars they drive

I might lean out and boot like Bucky
Or back this chinger, swing like Chucky
Man's gotta stay all lowkey
Cah the cops are still tryna cuff me
Had to get man down at his mum's bit
But I duck man down on crud
Like, where's all the big dargs at?
Cah, I ain't tryna corn down a puppy

If the gang ain't juggin', the mandem's bangin'
You ain't never had a mop in your hand
Then bro in your ear tellin' you "Slap it"
In the Grove with a .12 in the Narm with a .32, n***a, that's gang sh*t
I don't do no talkin'
I get straight to the beef like a fat kid

They ain't with it
Nah, man, they way too timid
I told bro bro "Bun him"
But he went and missed by inches
My n***as try wig him, nearly did him
Ended up blowin' his back in
Now he's on the wing, he's a hazard
Jailhouse settings, got everything patterned

We purchased numerous waps then boot up flats
And I make hella prof' from shottin'
You ain't never licked up the last of the grub
And still had to wait on the cops and bottles
Hold six from the 9, don't sing when it hit you
Let him see what the glizz do
Or put the dots to his head like a Hindu
Rap if I hit a black youngster's tissue

I called bro can I get some shoes?
He said "What size?" I said "Size 9"
Anytime that I creep on them yutes
I mash to the brim tryna fill 'em with bine
Now they want to know how I'm doin'
Don't ask what I'm doin', cah I'm doin' just fine
Hold this mash we can wine and dine
Do a little more be bae for the night

I wanna bring out the ratchets, Zone 2 n***as got a lot to say
But I ain't never seen them bang it
N***as just think it's rappin'
Come to the B and see loads of action
N***as just think it's rappin'
Come to the B and see loads of action
Come to the B and see loads of action

A friend of an opp got murdered
I think bare man forgettin' it
Watch who you roll with, cah anyone with them is gettin' it
Two and a half with a 6 shot Remington
This beef ain't dead, man season and pepper it
Dotty nose long like an elephant's
Blow on a pack like the crack does heroin

Get my main cat a test of the bujj
He held it good and said it was impressive
Any wap that the mandem cop, spinner or the dotts, we been out to test it
If it weren't bro it was me that pressed it
F**k with the B then you must have a death wish
Pump on the nine could I make up my mind
I'm tryna decide what to watch on Netflix

Done it with rambo, done it with flicky
And even chopped man down, machete
Man don't gun lean, man get one lean
And let that boom boom bang like Fekky
Bro got nicked, b*t*h thought it was sick
'Cause he went to her yard to go bath in petty
Six in the spin, man step with it
And I ain't got home 'till the whole ting's empty

The little things count
So, I'll get lil' n***as down
Bro rolled down the window, bow
How can you call him bro when he left your bro? Dizz got him down
We got the opps on ropes, why you think SG n***as don't leave their house?

Done it on foot, in cars and peds
No waps, then we step with shanks instead
Me and K used to stash that wap in the shed
Man stay in the T and trap for bread
Many man want me dead
When it rains, it pours like 50 Cent
Slap tap, it just missed his head
Had to slap myself, cah he should be dead

Man thinks it's a game like P4
We got big waps no rebores
Man dashed when I hear that neenaw
Splashed down one then I need to get 3 more
They come to the B and detour
Cah they know that the mandem mean war
Make sh*t get messy like Lionel
Where they at? Tryna find them, Nemo

K got life, Fiddy got 15
Man still ride, blikky or 15
I need a Mac, I need a mizzy
Do up your bro, do up your killy
Couple of waps, and then some dingers
Couple of racks, got ourselves peds
F**k off waps, fill it with lead
Do it like Clipper and burn my creps

Fumez the Engineer

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