Awaiting Exeqtion Lyrics

Q Strange Lyrics

Sittin in a cell waitin I'm contimplatin
Will I see god in heaven or am I seein satan?
I'm debatin was it worth it actin on my urges
Like I had the right to take a life on countless murders
It ain't my fault I'm wicked I'm just as sick kid
I needed help now I'm waitin to die while time is tickin
Everytime the sun rise I make a scratch on the wall
So as the days go by I can keepin track of em all
I know nobodys gonna miss me cus I never had a home
You got me locked inside with family but I always was alone
Not a clone in the lab raised by mad scientists
It's all a delusion I should have told a psychiatrist
I try to sit and rationalize close my eyes
See the faces of my victims just before they die
Why could'ntI stop why was killin my addiction
Why could'ntmy mind see the line of that conviction
Cus every bloody body part the FBI discovered
Was a piece of someones child someones friend someones mother
I guess it's too late to give a f*ck now
I gotta pay the consequences some how
So I sit in a cell sicker than hell hittin myself
If they don't kill me I'll be killin myself
I'm feelin myself fadin away as the days pa**
I'm gettin payed back in a chamber full of gas
But it's my own fault I should have never got caught
Now they lock me inside of this mysterious vault
So I gasp and choke on the smoke and I can't see
Now I'm dead that makes them no better than me

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