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249TooDope Lyrics

Had the contract أخوك وقع
الليله man got concert
أنا ليه ما أكلت
راس صدع
أنا ليه نفخت
Chest وسع
How am I supposed to Perform هسع
سريع مسكت الشنطه
شريط مسكن طلعت
بلعت لي كم حبه حبه
المخ حجر زي صبه
اخوك في المسرح هبط هبط
نسيت كلام جلبطه الرصه
Finished the set كبرتا اللفه
Got in the whip they pa**ed me اللطه
I said I'm good let me roll this شطه
The homie جمبي دنكل سفه
I saw her then أخدت لي خفسه
The baddest bit ونستها حبه
حنك بسيط ظبط Al number
ياريتني كان ظبط الطقه
ليه ماف مطعم جمب الشقه
وين الفكه
جيب العضه
سطر إتـ..فطه
مخورج حبه
Promoter قده
Where is my فكه

Man is so saucy
Man is exhausted
Man a acting like rap gods
Man is agnostic

Move with the movement

حفر حفر music for the Goon'Dem

أخوك so asly/أصلي

Feeling like I got cocaine system
I was out there on the roads post codes
Turn a big man there to a victim
Send him back home n***a and evict him
Eaz and Dope don't p*ss them
Big skeng ting don’t pull up
Talk too much get jook up
N***a Want smoke get cook up
Now look up, sky
My dawg its that 249
I'll slap n***as if they move offside
Want smoke man I move on sight
They talk tough if you look online

My n***a you a b*t*h you a princess
You’re a mug you a d**khead
"Got no time" what the wrist says
I’m the man in my city like Vincent

Feeling like Drogba
Walk to the spot slow mo like Pogba
Gyal a head doctor
Man She slop me & make me Salatat Dakwa/ سلطة دكوه
Nowadays I’m active, nowadays so rude
I was there with the Gang'Dem I was there with the goons

I was out there with the gang there with the Man'Dem with a nine let it bang
I was out there in night time blacked out hoodie on looking like the Klan
Heard your sound you’re a fan, imitate but you can’t compare to the man
Eaz TooDope how you mean real talk man life ain’t been fair to a man

Move with the movement

حفر حفرmusic for the Goon'Dem

أخوك so asly/أصلي

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