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X (ItsXMusic) Lyrics

I'm a stone cold killer
Straight out the village
Gave my life to this sentence, n***a
Now that's conviction
Killing songs - instrumentals be the victim
I do my own thing - not influenced by you n***as
So my sh*t is coming fluent and more authentic
We going all the way up - ignoring all limits
Lord knows we deserve it
Grinding with no pot to p*ss in
And still working a vision - and still work independent
I got it - put my life on the line when I jot it
Stars align when I write it
N***as change - so I watch 'em
They leave me no option
They' fake switching imposters
No jokers around here, n***a - this ain't Gotham, yeah
Battling demons - smoke
Achieve as soon as I dream it
Man, the truth is I'm leading
Pen move swift - that's the stroke of a genius
Puff and rolling the trees up
Thinking: "damn, where the f**k is the peace at?"
Cease and desist will all that weak sh*t
Asad going way live
Mind the goat -
Press the line of day night
Hate me - you hate God
Get shot - it's Asad

For those who don't know me - they call me X
Smooth n***a - cold as a boa around your neck
Nonchalant - like today I was supposed to encounter Death
It's all good, though
I'd rather choke till I'm out of breath
Than let these rappers sting
I ain't snatch a
Ain't no limits in this masterpiece
Pray you at your peak
When I see you - you gon' have to leave
That's at the least
Underground until I crack the street
Ask the Japanese
They gon' tell you we climbed out of that b*t*h without a scratch to be found
Keys to the castle, the queen and the actual crown
Hell-bent on saving the game - it ain't as bad as it sound
All I need is these four quarters - so I'm bagging this ounce
Come get that work
see how I represent it
Anything that I plan to do is unprecedented
Figured you'd follow my steps might be wrong
But it seems as if they just trying to be X like The Bronx
And so I paint the pictures they can't - that's the motto
You catch flights - I time travel to match Pica**o
Then it's Back to the Future in a Maybach van
Got it leaning for no reason like Asad's , damn
I try to tell 'em I forever been the nicest
I'm better under pressure and a crisis
Wrestling with Isis
Have my girl check you like a sidechick
on some fly sh*t
Excuse my language - it's the beat
Never been fifty deep
Me and Pistol Pete - two young gunners
with the quick release
All you gon' see is a
From the pyramids of Giza
Believe I'm the missing piece, yeah

Started in the back
Now we going for the planet
We peform in your city
We got home court advantage
Never fall, never panic
Never show what your hand is
Only time I stand still - when I pose for the cameras
Take a pic
On the radio I just don't understand how they gon' say the same sh*t everyday like weathermen in San Diego
Rappers are actors - sucking d**k for opportunity
So when I moved to Hollywood this sh*t was nothing new to me
Big bully - Imma take your change
Imma tell y'all to walk back the way y'all came
Come and stage your claim
Your girl caught looking - she gets called out
This is a baseball game - y'all heard that
My mind is broken - a boa constrictor
I'm telekinetic
I got some things I can show Mathilda
If you listen when I rap
You know I got soul built up
If you follow me on Snap
You know I got no filter - this is proof
Your quest for love start with the
I'm the truth
On the tv the booth - let me loose
High or low - I don't need what the middle brings
You girl still with you? - guess she appreciates the little things
I need a model in deisgner clothes
Settling for less is traveling to New York to eat Domino's
Chasing after 3-0's like we're
All my foes are my Achilles
This is why I my toes

I just trained for this perfect
Clean track back
Caving the folks - facing the goat's
Scream Snapchat
About it Team Backpack pack bag
Mean rap fags
Taking and they bringin' the keen cat back
Muffler - scream black folks customer
Dream lack hope
Travel through the green crack smoke
F**k I
Amistad for my n***as Imma ride
Shine on the willow - we afraid
But we shell - armadillo
Wall of pillow talkin' - sleepy word
Sheep in herds - formation
Thor chasin'
I'm Loki in the war spaceship
You're basic - that's why you get picked last
Think you wore Asics - 'cause what you kick's trash
Rap like this give me a big bag
And Micheal Jackson wasn't this Bad
This swag on 'em

Everyone's political
Everyone is accurate
A civil
I guess I got a black for this
See, Trump's the future
And everyone's an activist
I still roll out - pumping Future, sipping Activis
A hypocritic heart - still, though, I got to quit
This whole verse was inspired by stop-and-frisk
See y'all don't get it - they took away your rights for this
And now it's a right to bear arms versus a right to live
Who'd imagine it? Damn only savages
A black man's in office - yet all this is happening?
I swear it's all mental
I'm racial profiling for a true ident**y
Black and brown - it still wouldn't mean as much
We colorblind - 'cause our pockets ain't green enough
They implemented martial law - they got it all planned
A crocked cop on desk duty
This' a body on camera

Yo, cut the tv - we need some reprogramming
'Cause history deleted us - then shifted us backwards
That's why I keep busting like a blammer under the mattress
I'm the whole package - like the wrapper on the Magnum
Baby daddies they be wanting me to say "I do"
My name rings from the boulevards to the bellevues
My 16's unseen - like the snow in June
I'm baritone - low key - when I be rolling through
But f**k that
There's a lot of mommas with water in their tear ducts
Excuse me, mr. Pig, why you have to split his wig, bruh?
Oh, you say he reached for something shiny in his pocket, right?
They be trying to play his clothes
Sort of like
But Illa Camilla's a soldier in her own
So don't think
You get played - like a tambourine
At the world stage - or get bodied by a godess
Nine, Triple 0, Eight

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