Allineed Lyrics

18 Plus Lyrics

Sitting in the sun
That would need the one
All i do is chase you
But youre right on the sun
Got me on the wire
Calling you a liar
This not a fight this is a f**king funeral
But what can't be done
Where do we run
To be frank is till think your flesh is fun
Theres no going back
Theres no cope to this crack
I would take your life before i make you my wife

When you just began
Thats your only one
Seasick yeah we bleed but its just for fun
And do you conspire
Through the mock through the mire
Nights full of texts confession and fire
This my empty one
Where the threats is from
And can you believe im leaving em
Cause i want you back
I repose to attack
Face full of strife
Your words are my knife
Words are my knife

All i needs a new she
A cool he
A face
To displace
In peace
In the dutchie
Holdin me up
Being my crutch
Takin my breath
Stay fresh to the death
And now that youre near
Always be here
But me
Im in the clear
Not tryin to front
But see me
Im all that i want
Im all that i want
Im all that i want
But you
Youre all that i got

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