Air It Out Lyrics

?ronsocold Lyrics

Four seconds left, I got this shot, I gotta take it
My pockets were slim, but my n***a was hella shady
Do this sh*t right and you gon' be somebody favorite
Apologizes, you can save it and if it's fake, I embraced it
Look here, mama, I made it, the child, he ain't nothing to play with
Smoking, watchin' surveillance, you know it's wild on the pavement
N***as wild for them statements, been talkin' foul, that's a flagrant
Chasing paper, Jamaicans couldn't make a move I was making
Set the record and break it and held the best in the nation
I wanna ball like a Laker, but still delivеr in cadence
So let mе know 'bout the flavor and I can holler at the waiter
Somehow I ran out of favors, this sh*t about to get major
I say, "Hold up," let me do this sh*t I've never tried
N***as froze up, let me close the door, it's gon' get violent
When I showed up I ain't hear a word, n***as quiet
Pick your pole up, let them n***as know it's time to ride
Boy, I'm so out my bottom murder don't know nothing about it
Playing chess and I'm plotting, hoping and praying I spot him
They told me get him, I got him, now do we got us a problem?
Put the dot on his collar, know I get down for a dollar
There go a knock at the door, they tryna score him with fifty
Let me put this together and get with me in a minute
Serving my people, I'm tripping, get that sh*t how I'm living
They gon' look at me different when I hop out looking spiffy
Yeah, I ran a few errands, but I ain't run from no n***a
Heard a lot I believe, it ain't come from no n***a
Know how it come, give me a beating, I go dumb on a n***a
I'm blowing dope in the Swisher until my lungs getting bigger
I told 'em load it up, air it out until ain't nothing left
When you get close enough, let it ring and leave a n***a deaf
Put my emotions up, had to make it count with every step
I got my focus up, killing sh*t they gon' think I'm Koresh, ayy

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