Ain’t Learning (The Truth) Lyrics

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Saw mans chest was his face just dropped
Asked him man how jamal got got
Pack 17 let hoes in tot, Splash up splash up with bray them got
Them boy they can't come to my block
Man chess pa** and you might get shot
Don't wanna hold that corn no gwop big 44 or
The young jiggas controlling the dots
Man 12 leaned and I 10k bopped
Get round there and I dilligent moves on opp
Big blade to have man shot
Get him get him just wet him wet him make sure that a yute get stopped
Get it to soon get his bludcart chopped
Dip him to some weave at these 12O's in this top
Shave up your f**king door i'm holding them off
Sweep the food and mans den i'm gone
Grab your girl and move O for fun
Juke jhe food or cada boost too long
Asked them man how I steal my one
Take that blade if your back don't run
Couple v men blud up on me no flaxe cah
The hand actions long
But subliminal stab hold digga fused
Get man down and a mate too
Man cut through like all of a dem boy know that i ain't you
Man try run so I make tiny put the ramzy through you
And them man can't tell me about violence
Cause they know S1 loves riding. No driver so a man ten toes around there with the thing cause they know i don't do with hiding
Like skid up on who? Man skid up around there jump out the whip like who's on me?
That night four man pushed bikes done lacks with the shh on me
Bike pump make a grown man jump
Them man they have kids but nearly can't come
Caught my man holdo know who won
Should've seen his bredrin run
They legs were stretching i'm just stressed that i didn't get chinksys lungs
That would've been more than fun
I'm like come to the twelve get bun
Come round me you get stunned with guns
Them boy know that I splash for fun
Check the scores 12 boys done won
F**k the 10's some stupid c**ts but
I swear Yosh ain't learning
I swear yosh got cheffed and he still ain't learning
But them boy must be burning
From the way we role and we whip it in person
He had man swerving
And the ops they gay Digga D loves twerking
Them ops they post up snaps in cab and do super dash in person
Clut art you and your whip now you and your car n***a service
I swear that these yutes ain't learning
I swear that these yutes ain't learning

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