Blue Scholars

Agorophobic By Blue Scholars

And I guess evening falls
Crashes down around me soft like these padded walls
Something I’m trying to escape
I can’t live so sterile, at heart I’m feral, a wild ape
But I spend all day inside my room
Counting specks of dust waiting for understanding to bloom
And now as the day’s afterglow flows through my windows I’m pummeled to pulp by regrets
Bare-knuckled blows like, “Why do you let days of freedom pass you by?”
No school, no job, not even busy getting high, afraid to even take the risk of typing something new on a screen
It’s not like the pixels will all start to scream, attack your self-esteem and judge you
That’s your job you stubborn mess, nothing can budge you from your nest except the lack of cigarettes and eggs
People say your mind’s a masterpiece
But it tastes like the bitter brittle coffee dregs that collect inside of your cup
You suck
When head becomes an empty vacuum the cause I can only assume but in the end it doesn’t matter
As the days slip away like the rungs of a greased ladder
And crash back to responsibility
Artistic freedom and ability caged by school and work willingly
Not a sage, the diamonds of wisdom that you squander
Compressed coal of experience and age and you ponder, standing on a stage in front of everyone you’ve ever met
Then you burst into flames ignited by regret
It’s like your entire life’s a net with one too many lacerations
Time and daylight slip through, now you’re buried beneath constellations
Now you’re buried
Now you’re buried
Now you’re buried beneath constellations
Now you’re buried!

Sitting on a porch at the border edge of the planet watching gashes
Comets of light pass by, the night crashes
It looks so much like the dark of a story
Sparkling mornings start to look sardonically sordid
Sorting through poisonous portions a soul aborted in a past life
This haphazard b*st*rd sacrifices mana
Summon leviathan animals within his mantra
Imagination calibrate to radiated lasers to seer, chasing lucid rabbits for the two ears
Just so I can hear silence, attackers appear in the rear-view mirror I peer blindly
Speak kindly but carry by me a big stick
Never stop walking through solid rock up to my hips
Karma’s hardly a b*t*h mang, I bit my lips
But couldn’t disengage from splitted tongues, there be thunder in my voice it’s hidden dormant within my lungs
Ripping disses with discrete flicks of the wrist
Leave kitchens in a mess when I’m flipping the lid
Different hymns
Simply put I’m an interesting kid
I’m interested in finding out what limitless is
First hand, on my worst day I’m still a world-champ
Burned tracks two gloves double as incandescent lamps
All these f**kers tryna rub these lamps
Steal up all my wishes
Weaken my stamina with all their vicious kisses
Used to melt a viscous liquid
Now the frigid mistress ain’t sh*t to me
No more like simple rhythms
No more like simple rhythms
Yeah this b*t*h is no more like simple rhythms
Yeah these simple rhythms
This b*t*h is no more…

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