Addy Lyrics

8TRAPPY Lyrics

All this f**kin' paper got a n***a on go
I been on move, ain't been spendin' no time
Was supposed to get my daughter, I just broke her lil' heart
I just did another walkthrough for a dime
N***as movin' goofy, you gon' get your a** trucked
Pull up in the hood, get some weed for the drive
Wish I could tell you n***as different
The money is callin', I can feel my hands itchin'
I can't tell you n***as 'bout crack, no, sir
When I jumped in it, I was sellin' whole chickens
Percocets, Addys, and I'm still on syrup
Boy hot as hell, stuffin' money in his denim
Spent six months in the rental
Ooh, what a feeling
I was f**ked up, now I'm trippin'
Got her waist snatched like some white Carti lenses
Pourin' drop up in a meeting, handlin' business
If I pull the goons up where you at, they gon' kill you
She heard my thoughts, now she wanna ride with me
Pu**y so good, she can get away with it
Pu**y so good, she might get a wave with it
Still the same n***a, baby, f**k your main n***a
You wan' be gang with us, baby, let the gang hit it
When the cops get behind me, I just get a strange feeling
Man, I had to level up, watch me turn the prices up
You want the lifestyle, why don't you throw the dice for once?
Dior shoes, rock 'em like some Nike 1's
Gold presidential more than your diamond one
I just told three labels, "Sorry, I ain't signin' nothin'"
Runnin' from you c*cksuckers, I can't let you find the goal
Pull it out the baggie, then I drop it on her tongue
Two G's for the sneaks, I might only rock it once
N***a, I'm Trevani son
With a n***a wrong or right, we don't really give a f**k
She used to curve me, n***a, she say I ain't lit enough
I got b*t*hes on b*t*hes, VIP ain't big enough
I done ran it up off of zero
Quick to leave a b*t*h like Robert De Niro
Babyface Ray, you my hero
I'ma drink this lean all my life 'til the seal's gone

I know
B*t*h, me too
F**k wrong with you?
Ho, yeah

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