A Father’s Day Lyrics

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Suddenly the old man reached toward the sky with a look of bewilderment
Even though he knew this day would come
He never wanted to think about it
In an instant, he saw his life flying by and he wondered
"Where had all the time gone?
So many things left to do. Why now?"
Seemed like only yesterday he was a boy without a care in the world
Kites and wagons, stickball and broken windows
Long hot summer nights under the stars with friends
Telling tall tales about the adventures of their fathers
There was a bond there that was hard for him to understand as a child
But as he grew older and watched his father set the example
It became very clear to him that a father was more than
Just a ferocious old bear sitting at the head of the table
Much more, he was a teacher
Taught the kind of things they don't teach in school
Like the value of an honest day's work
A promise made is a promise kept
Taught the love of family
He was a healer, mender of broken knees and broken hearts
He was a builder of homes, futures
Most of all, father was a dreamer
He learned they become dreamers when they become fathers
Starts the first day
Small dreams of all the great things you'll accomplish
Then as you grow up, dreams get bigger
That you'll come home safely every day
That your heart will never be broken
And that your life will be much easier than his
Then sometimes at night, a father dreams of precious moments he may have lost along the way
Working a little too hard to make sure your dreams come true

The old man smiled
And began to remember the great moments in his life
His children's first birthdays, their first Christmases
Their first loves, their first children
And even though none of them became president
Or invented anything earth-shattering to make the world a better place
He could see the results of what his father had taught him in them
And he knew he had done his job well
And because of that, maybe the world was a little better
He was proud
He only wished that he could tell them that one more time
Yeah, time had gone by a little too fast
But today was his day
He was a boy again without a care in the world

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