83SHADES Lyrics

83HADES Lyrics

No they do not like me I come in and dunk on em
Bring out the shorties I come in and f**k on em
Bring out the opps b*t*h im not finna duck on em
Flexing this cash b*t*h I go donald trump on em
Look up to me b*t*h I am my own role model
I put some lead in his head that sh*t remodel
Pull up the function I bring you like 3 bottles
Bring out the chop if you even just sneeze on me
Im with the sh*ts we gon see if you bleed homie
Glock on my waist I got that Double Gs on me

Rippin your face in the ground for no reason G
Demons my head no I can not act decently
Got that red dot right above his lil jesus piece
If I lay them out then I hope he don't rest in peace
Get to the whip and I got me the recipes
Why is you talkin when your sh*t is sa**in me
I might run off cuz that b*t*h, she keep testin me

Diamonds they flashing I know that they blinded
Bend it, over I'm breaking her hymen
She like to rough like a motherf**king diamond
Can't do it like me but its cool that you try it
You a stain,
The screen you behind it Im gettin inside it
She feelin my c*ck and my gun right beside it
Brand new FN, I can't wait to try it
Im in her pu**y too loose it won't tighten
Pa** me the bag

Im finna blow up like Im all up in ISIS
I cannot control b*t*h Im from my
Gun might go off like dont get me excited
that boy a** then put it in my island
I know you lyin, I do not deny it
Beat up the pu**y, you just be out Skypin
Slice off flesh, cryin
something like a siren
Im proud of the pu**y I dont like to hype it
And Im in the trenches then you all in that typin-
L-L-L-Leave your witnesses, Im comin in tell your b*t*h Im finishin
That b*t*h dominican, Im politician if she like my swag and she see that Im gettin it
Lets slide to her crib, she hop in the whip, and she feeds on the pu**y

I f**k

I b*t*h over innocence
Im at the top we it
Trapped in my room, theres no visitin
Im in the future,
The heater sizzling
I f**k em up they not listenin
quick ripplin
I use a gun to get rid of it
I got good aim off the
Why you so fake that sh*t sickening
Catch me, your language illiterate
Pull out the chop at the menaces
shivering, dont split no evidence
Thought he was scary, he quivering
I got the pole like a fisherman
F**k it we tear off his ligaments
I f**k a b*t*h, any pigment
, then come in
Why you shoot through the whole citizens
Brodie lemme f**k up on his hoe, i told his a** to share
Is she gon let me film it while she suck me, she don't even care
B*t*h these shoes cost me a good 2,000, i guess that's why they stare
Shorty know that i am a vampire, come into my lair
Shorty told me to pull on her hair
She like it right there
83, demon in my stare, we ain't playing fair
If you dare, run up on me, yo body get teared
Im a boss, i make money, that's at any cost
And boy you f**king broke, you ain't funny, you still shop at Ross
That boy a facade he gon try to flauge
4 b*t*hes wit me and they like to talk a lot
Like i got 4 glickys wit me, we could spark it in the lot
I do not know what you talking bout, unless you talking guap
I got the blower in my hand, i got a 8ball in my sock
I make him think im rocking wit him, til he see his brothers drop
I got to pulling the AR, this fight not fair if you count mops

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