7Style (Rough) Lyrics

7Side Lyrics

Ay listen, free the f**king guys innit
Free Little H
Free up Little H
Ay, soon free me up today you get me?

I'm on the opp block posted with the guys
I might just pop out in this four door bike
And this shotgun chimes it’s taking lives
Or I'll whizz up on a big boy bike
That's a 700 f**k a 125
’Nuff times that they've talked 'bout glides
When us man pull up the man there hide
Shh and shh got bored but shh is lucky that he never got fried
None of them come to the I
And if they told you that they do that's lies
Was taking risks on a paigan strip
That's the risk I'll take
Got a bruck back in the rucksack
You don't wanna hear the sound that this shotgun makes
I'vе been OT chilling that’s kway
Got packs of flake move that all day
You don’t know about risks
You don't about OT trips
Man’s chilling with kits in the homе no kick
So I got to go for kip
And it makes the cats them kit

It's FP you don't know me
Man back the blade you'll get poked g
Man smoke smoke and I smoke weed
If they trap trap we’ve got the whole team
Man smoke weed and I smoke weed
F**k the opps said they're on me
'Cause any block we're so comfy
That any block we're so comfy
Man'll hop 'round there
Man I hop out the cab
Man I see the boy dash
And the boydem chat
They chat the most but I hold the beef
I come to your block and you'll hold the heat
And I see my boys that they're on the street
And then come to the 7 you'll hold the heat

Ay, listen
Heard you wanna lurk on us
So we lurk 'round there in tinted whips
You don't wanna see me and DBoy
On a 12 whiz on Twickenham Bridge
We out load that stick
Jus' tryna crash corn at my mans wig
Like f**k them opps they ain't on p*ss
Like you don't wanna see me vexed or high
I rev my Bev lets go on a glide
That me FP Oakhill now I'm screaming free all my guys
I remember that day I got caught on a lack
Like I made that dash but I came right back
You can ask TS when I lurk 'round flats
Ask TS when I wetted up backs

Might take a trip to the high street
Lemme go through HS as well
Go up the A4 turn left at Felts
Remember we used to lick man wit' bells
Or I'll hop out the Bush no W12
Tryna crash this stick now it's my mans world
This loud pack came in stinking
I'm falling in love with the way it smells
Man I'll bill up a big fat 6
Then phone up H like who's got Skels?
Or me Lil Kizzy get busy on the Sixes street yeah we raising hell
Still slide 'round to the opp block
Wit' dots or I'll fill up the Mac wit' bells
The man there chat sh*t get smoked as well
Who's active? None of them active
Fifteen I was running 'round Felts
Can't talk too loose 'cah the jakes wanna grab me
It's mad 'cah the opps them chatty
They don't wanna no smoke there patties
The boy there coming like eggs
'Cah when we catch them they do legs there runny
Sh*t then f**k that's funny

How many times I been on a glide?
How many times I had the ting on my side?
Me and Dirty Boy wit' the matching knives
Or rambo tings that's just on my side
Man got that flicks I'ma dip
I'm tryna itch to hit that prick
I'm tryna hit that prick

I heard these nerds wanna talk on my name
Like I won't slide 'round there with the gang
Hop out the ride no red or green like tan
Leave man tanned

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