7liwa – Quds Lyrics

7liwa Lyrics

Azrael cries as he takes the lives of Palestine
The Rolex watch will be useless when the horn blows
I’m gonna lean and fall again and get up and I’m gonna repeat it again
Even if you handcuffed me, my mouth would sing freedom
I died a long time ago, even though my heart is still beating
If I made black gold, they'd forget if I was white
You're a traitor, you'll go with my pocket in your hand
If I don't do something with my hand, 'AL QUDS' i swear I will sing to you
Dedicated to Palestinians brave men, not for me
You'll see very well that I didn't tattoo a Qafir between my eyes
You'll get a death threat written in a letter
I'll still have one word even if I speak Hebrew
Oh Allah we hope to die because of corona, better than we die because of stupidity
I was not shocked by israel, the damn world who shocked me
I need an alien to take me from this damn world
When the mother of the world shout and f**k the world
Welcome aliens in the land of chaos
Here, put the bottle of gin and Chivas in your a**
I'm a soldier and I geared up because I wanted to give you my life to protect you
You won't scare me with Putin's weapon, I have Omar's sword
I am a Muslim Amazigh and I came from Andalucia
If you want me, go up the mountain, I'm hiding in a bungalow
We're always the best, from Casablanca to Damascus
When we do the mess, we are the ones who fix the mess

Cham is a gold cow, they milked Iraq
We can even liberate the moon, we have the power of 100 Hercules
They want to stay here, they don't want heaven
Listen to the iron and say thank you for turning you into a real man you d**khead
The experiments in the lab, the conspiracy in his book
The lie is clear, Najat Attabu said it to us
Even if they see a miracle they won't believe in Allah
That's not a darwin theory, it's Allah who taught it to us in his Quran
I'm so far away that you need a telescope to find me
Even if I did take a shower, I'd still be a germ
Dislike it or report this track
This thing had crossed the sky up to the clouds and went down into the dirt
You feed them 100 years and they eat you in one day
F**k with the middle finger of Saddam from the bar table
Infidel from the time of greeks, I was p*ssed off by the gods of greeks
We're all going to die someday, f**k Zeus and his followers
When they were done with food, we were filled with the leftovers
When the snow fell, we gave them covers
The dopeness does not disappear with a shower it always gonna be stuck in me
This suffering has reached our bones, put a bandage on it

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