785 Flow Lyrics

30 (B Side) Lyrics

Everybody wan do road now
I'm just tryna hit that belly
Gotta stay low for the profile
Feds watching me like telly
Still cut thru bets get the low down
Bare man running like Messi
Still cut thru Grove with my phone down
I ain't getting bagged cause of celly
Man lie about this, Man lie about that
I ain't into all the chat that's petty
If you wan be bad, If you wan beef gang
When the cab pulls up be ready
Big sword from my toes to my belly
I'm tryna turn a man ghost like skelly
Knifework tryna dip mans belly
I was ga**ed when I popped my cherry
Had my knife all wet like a jezzy
Ask wigs what the thing did to many
Got corn in the flake like brecky
Serve flake in the pub I'm the boss like Peggy
Ten toes with the sword or the chete
I put the metal in your face like Betty
Twiss it in your head like dreads no Fetty
Run a rat down I'm Tom you're Jerry
Got me blacked out but I'm not from Pecky
Turn you to a pack make ya n***a pour henny
Got a peng sl*t on my nuts suck plenty
The uck mad made my nut drop heavy

All that loose talk I made my youngers dip him
Hook him up like said we're going fishing
And he cheffed him up but he didn't kill him
He gave him more st**ches than his true religion
Fill the clip make the barrel spin round like a roulette
Your gangs wet and all your soldiers are useless
You man are washed up, Half of your goons dead
Like buck me in the field I don't do threats
What's on the menu tonight
I gotta eat cah everyday is payday
I was posted up in the B with little D big M and KK
Dip man up with my shank
And I still roll round with that same blade
If I get grabbed by the jakes
I put it on my mums life I won't say names
Look I'm tryna get the bricks in wholesale
You're not in the field where it goes down
Young boy savage have to tell the g slow down
Lights out if we get the low down
Skrr skrr skid round in a C-cla**
Woosh a man down with the tree branch
Saw down the pin give my yg the beater
Go link bae I might order a pizza
I'm my own man f**k this gang ting
My 30 clip I'm still a bandit
I just left the tizzy on the landing
Now its O twizzy in the kitties I was vamping
Long Mway trips drop mouths at the spot
Hella voom vooms thats a lot of mouths on the clock
Packs nearly done so I count what I got
Put the bills into racks and the pounds in the pot
Vicky just called said she's round by her block
She told me holdback two light and a bobs
I said right now I can't leave the house cah its hot
But gimme twenty minutes and meet me round by the shop
I'm about to switch spots imma stay here till four
Trap house hot its been raided before
Dirty needles and white ace on the floor
Just close the curtains and put the chains on the door
Get the drop on a crop then we move in
Kick down the door f**k the boot prints
While you was at bae's house smooching
I was OT no sleep trapping for a new ting

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