666HOUSE Lyrics

$uicideboy$ & Ramirez Lyrics

Raised with my cousins all that hate don't f**k with us
See yo a** out in public wishing that he f**king would
This the turn of the century
Time to f**kin' murder some
Spark me up some sticky fire, now they got nowhere to run
To them lies ima fry yuh, burn you smell the flesh come of your
In the f**kin' darkness
Ima get me to them
You swangin' with my tension
F**k your rap
Forgot to mention
Told them bulls to step in all the blood will spill away
See this my vision b*t*h you ain't in charge
See the limit to listen to all
Ready to mall
We f**kin' with y'all
in yo head and make sure that they done
Dumpin' the bodies all over the track smokin the bodies get covered with ash
Do what I must to build up my path
I don't see no other way

F**k the police
Burn a church
God is dead
I've done research
Rob the sto' and shoot the clerk
7th ward the devil lurks
B*t*h I work
Cup full of perc
With a blunt full of percs
Murk murk, murk a mothaf**ka just for steppin tryna kick some dirt
F**k his b*t*h real quick and then I dip I didn't have time to flirt
Whats the work
Me n $lick we stay hurt
Maybe its because we talk too slur
Pull up wearin gucci fur
But I can't remember
B*t*h it's all a f**kin' blur

Creepin' on the f**kin
Funky fire up on my hip
Sleep up in a f**kin ditch
Triple 6 I never switch
Rollin up to meet yo b*t*h
Gold tooth, skinny pimp
Walkin with a f**kin' limp
Smokin on a blunt of hemp
Know some fiends that don't give a sh*t
Packin' up the f**kin' clip
Sippin on a pint of dip
Then I dip
Blood rollin' down the Chevy
C*ck the shotty hold it steady
Feel my breathin getting heavy

Worshipin' the devil
Demons inside of my f**kin' head
Grippin on my f**kin' Glock and now that mothaf**ka's dead
Quick in the night with the sh*t
Kill a busta burn that b*t*h
Don't give a f**k cause triple 6
She f**kin with me then I'm takin you to bottomless pits
Murda murda replayin' inside of my head
I sacrificed the b*t*h off
Now he's pleading for more blood shed
The flames that arise
And now he's screamin' out my name
But I'm creepin through the shadows tryna take anotha busta's name

The house is lit filled up with six
More shadows for the lost world
That your spirit
Won't see me backin' down
The world's pitch black I'll ash him out
Smokin' Pa**in' out
Never gave a f**k don't make a sound
A mothaf**ka like you won't break the spell
Off with the
Stick to the plan and do it again
Put bodies with gas and light that b*t*h
We move
I'm torture
The worse of them all
But where'd it begin
I live for the
B*t*h don't you forget
Smokin' forever

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